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Mike Church Show-Real Men Shouldn’t Be Waiting For SCOTUS To Bring Roe To An End, We Must Do It Ourselves.

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   HEADLINE: King Louis XVI – The 1st Catholic Monarch Martyred by Free Masons by Mike Church 



 HEADLINE: The Claims of Memory by Wilfred M. McClay 

  • “Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”
  • What he is basically saying in this article is, why did they rip all the statues of our history down? 
  • Those of Lee, Jefferson, Washington – they were embarrassed by it.
  • They are erasing the memories of the past and they are writing a NEW NARRATIVE.
  • They make a new fabricated history, then they repeat it as if it were factual.
  • The 1619 Project – 
30m  HEADLINE: Women Deserve Men Who Oppose Abortion by Clement Harrold

  • The catastrophic moral and spiritual failure of men—especially Christian men—who have stood on the sidelines for so long. 
  • “No uterus, no opinion,” they condescendingly inform us, all the while apparently oblivious to the fact that it is their perverse worldview which gave rise to the society of weak men which they so despise. Out of a fear of “toxic masculinity,” they perpetuate a system in which something far more insidious begins to ferment.
  • We put faith in people like Sean Hannity – this is why the Conservative movement is DOA.
  • It was a panel of MALE judges that started this abortion wheel in motion.
  • Sex without consequences is what everyone wants and that is why abortion still stands today.
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49m CRUSADER CHATROOM: I have been a widow for 7 years. Dated some only to see that there are no real men. They  are weak and will not stand. Even in my old church it was the same women supporting women no men.Even in my Activist group there are more women than men . I was out one night at my local pub and crazy lunatic had words with a  fire fighter who told him that he was a conservative. He started yelling at me the men just set there while 2 women stood up and told him off while their husbands watched. Where are the men probably listening to the Crusade channel?

  • The Men were bought off and took the bait.
  • Most of them are never coming back.


 HEADLINE: Women Deserve Men Who Oppose Abortion by Clement Harrold 

  • Abortion stands as the beating heart, the arch-sacrament of a post-Christian worldview that seeks to deny him this dignity and reduce him to a mere beast. 
  • Abortion is, moreover, uniquely situated among social issues to leave men feeling emasculated and powerless.
  • We wish we could do more but we sense we can’t and that is precisely what the devil wants us to do….nothing.
  • Murdering babies should never be on a ballot.
  • This should be the rule across the land as it is Gods law!
   HEADLINE: Gov. Edwards Falsely Used AG’s Name to Try To Intervene in Criminal Case Against Pastor by Woody Jenkins

  • This is 100% FRAUD! 
  • He should be immediately removed from the Governors seat.
  • John Bel used AG Landry’s good name as if he supported this suit which he didn’t.
  • This cannot be allowed to stand!
  • “This serious misconduct will garner the attention of our judicial branch and possibly be grounds for impeachment, maybe prison, but certainly a loss of respect and credibility from professional people who see his personal grudge against a Pentecostal pastor.”

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  Bee Gees Friday 
   QUESTION: What was the name of the band Meatloaf was in with Ted Nugent? 

ANSWER: Amboy Dukes

2h12m HEADLINE: Lawsuit: 99.7 Percent Of Kids Banned From School Under Covid Rules Were Healthy by Joy Pullmann 

  • I told you these mandates are going to start falling like dominos.
  • If we can’t get satisfaction for these atrocities in the local courts done to our children, then what good are they?
  • If you have no recourse, tear the system down.
  HEADLINE: In Atlanta’s Buckhead Neighborhood, Rising Crime Fuels Move to Secede by Cameron McWhirter 

  • St George area here in Baton Rouge seceded from the town b/c of the schools then they got stuck w/ a rotten, chosen, school administrator that killed their school system.
   HEADLINE: Long Live The Common Cold by Peter Tonguette 
   HEADLINE: Amazon is opening a 30,000-square-foot store with QR codes and palm-scanning checkout by Taylor Telford
2h19m AUDIO/VIDEO: Young student speaks at school board meeting she gives a parody speech of how “great” it is that they are forcing them to mask in school. 
  HEADLINE: The narrative is falling apart, piece by piece by Steve Kirsch  

Farmer Mitter Mundy from New Jersey 

Farmer Brian K from Texas 

  • Everyone that doesn’t have a farm has great ideas for YOUR farm.
  • Farmers must be realistic w/ how much they can handle.
  • Most of the time farmers fail b/c they try to do too much right off the bat.
  • Microclimates – 

HEADLINE: Why Making Progress in Agriculture Can Be Messy by Richard Smith 

  • I don’t mean to say that operations will suddenly plant cover crops on 100% of the vegetable ground, because economic and scheduling obstacles remain. The regulation may encourage growers to consider their use in situations where they currently do not. 
  • About 5% of the vegetable acreage in the Valley is cover cropped. We don’t know how much of an increase due to the regulations may occur, but if the acreage is doubled or tripled, that would be a significant development.
  • So this article is bemoaning the use of cover crops.
  • That is because they want to grow, grow, grow and never give the land time to regenerate. 
  • This non-regeneration requires MORE fertilizer etc.
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