Mike Church Show – Segment 1 04182016

Written by on 04/18/2016

Mandeville, LA – Today Mike commemorates or rather eulogizes ‘Muricah on one of Her High-Holy days, the solemnity of Secular Lent aka Tax Filing Deadline Day.

Segment 1 – The headlines from the local Advocate tell you everything y0u need to know about the septic tank we’re all stewing in called “cult-chuh”. “I might walk out my front door any day and get my head blown off” screamed the headline from the New Orleans Advocate. The story lamented that rap “cult-chuh” has no moral code other than the law of the streets which, when measured against The Law, amounts to an ex[anding list of permitted atrocities. Mike also asks “how’s taxation WITH representation workin’ out for ya?”

Segment 2 – Pt 2 of How’s Taxation WITH Representation workin’ out for ya?” concludes with the pertiunent and irrevocable poiints of John Taylor made in front of the SCOTUS in 1794.

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