Mike Church Show – Segment 1 04192016 – ‘Murican Exceptionalism Exposed

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Mandeville, LA – [Editor’s Note: The presentation of the daily Mike Church Show has now been consolidated into two, 90 minute long segments per broadcast day. Founders Pass members who are logged in will notice there is a built in playlist that appears on each day’s posts that has an accompanying RSS feed and is updated chronologically as we add files. This should make the Mike Church Show content much easier to locate and enjoy plus share with friends and family. – Site Admin]

Segment 1 – The headline reads U.S. will send 217 more troops to Iraq to help fight ISIL and in it we learn that “the Pentagon will also provide $415 MILLION in aid for the Kurdish Peshmerga”. Mike demands to know who gave the Pentagon a checkbook that it can give away OPM in the form of “foreign aid!? Mike asks whether the Republic of St Tammany, consecrated as a Catholic country “would have the resources to give millions to foreigners while assisting them in an undeclared war, 7,000 miles away, to bomb Mohammedans back to 648 A.D.!?

Segment 2 – The same subject continued with a blistering critique of ‘Murican Exceptionalism; that poisonous rot borne of the Heresy of ‘Muricanism that proclaims ‘Muricah to “be God’s chosen nation.” “Would God’s ‘chose nation’ have murdered 55 million of its future citizens!? Would ‘God’s chosen nation be pretending to alter God’s law and granting “marriage” to homosexuals!?” You’ll want Aunt petunia to listen to this segment.

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