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Mike Church Show-The Corona Jab Scam Is Cracking & The Vatican’s Complicity Is Now Exposed

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Mike Church Show-The Corona Jab Scam Is Cracking & The Vatican’s Complicity Is Now Exposed

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  • The COVID narrative is crumbling
  • The powers that be simply won’t relinquish the power they grabbed 
  • Canadian Convoy – Freedom Convoy has been put on notice for massive group arrests
33m HEADLINE: Top COVID-19 Expert: Vatican Violating Code of Bioethics, Must End Vaccine Mandate Now by Edward Pentin

Dr Peter McCullough –  “have to account for potentially hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to the vaccine worldwide” because it has violated the Nuremberg Code — a set of ethical principles that rule out any pressure, coercion or threat of reprisal for any medical treatment, especially if it’s new and experimental.

Dr Peter McCullough – “I cannot stand by and watch this happen without speaking out,” he said. “I do not see how any Christian can.”

The Vatican – it now mandates all employees and visitors — except for those attending liturgies and papal audiences — to be fully vaccinated or have recently recovered from the virus in order to enter Vatican territory.

  • Did anyone think the social justice warrior, Pope Francis, was really going to fall on the side of the TRUTH on this?
  • We certainly didn’t!
  • FROM THE ARTICLE – The Vatican should drop all mandates, drop all restrictions, and drop all advocacy or concern for the vaccines. The Vatican immediately should start a public interest campaign on vaccine injuries and vaccine deaths. They should formally apologize for taking a position on the vaccines that’s been deleterious and they will have to account for potentially hundreds of thousands of lives lost due to the vaccine worldwide because the Vatican has violated what’s called the Nuremberg Code — the Vatican has violated a critical code of bioethics and they must immediately recognize this. They must immediately apologize for this grievous error that they’ve committed. The Nuremberg Code states that no one under any conditions must apply any pressure, coercion or threat of reprisal for any medical treatment or procedure done, and particularly when the procedure is new, it’s investigational, it’s experimental, and we don’t know the outcomes. 
  • FROM THE ARTICLE – This is not a matter of lack of education. This is a problem of complicity. This will go down in history as the Vatican is complicit in the mass loss of life of people by injections.
  HEADLINE: COVID-19 and the Failure of America’s Major Religions by Dennis Prayer 
  HEADLINE: The Child Catchers by Emina Malonic 
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 BACK TO HEADLINE: The Child Catchers by Emina Malonic 

  • The biggest victims remain children!
  • The ‘new normal’ we are told must be accepted!
  • FROM THE ARTICLE – When an ideological system takes over the being of  grown adults it is bad enough, but injecting children with the toxin of joylessness and anonymity is quite another. They are implicitly told that they don’t matter, that they are primarily viewed as vectors of a disease, that their well-being and intellectual growth is meaningless, and that they must continue to make sacrifices in order to keep everyone else safe.
  • FROM THE ARTICLE – The consciousness of every child may begin to change because they are told that they have no right to take part or be part of the society in any meaningful way. In this case, the mask is a tool of oppression. 
  • QUESTION: What will grow from a group of children that feel they have nothing to give to society?











  • The Emergencies Act is NOT Marshall Law.
  • The Prime Minister isn’t the Commander in Chief he doens’t command any police powers.
  • They can declare a state of emergency for something they believe to be a national security threat. 
  • The border protests – this is a national security issue.
  • There are NO MORE border protests. 
  • The situation in Ottawa is still ongoing. 
  • The PARKING is illegal but the protesting is not.
  • They are stressing that 60% of the funding came from OUTSIDE of Canada and they are saying this is ‘foreign funding’.
  • TD Bank – they have MANY American customers that use this bank, are they going to freeze the Americans money?

AUDIO/VIDEO: Justin Trudeau’s Justice Minister on having your bank account frozen‘If you are a member of a pro-Trump movement who’s donating…you ought to be worried.’

THIS IS WHAT MIKE THINKS – Long bearded, slightly overweight, cuddly bears!

  • These 2 weeks have blended together.
  • I want to finally be able to play ice hockey with my friends in a rink and have a pint w/ them afterwards. 

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HEADLINE: What is Kettling? by Colin Groundwater 

   JOHN BEL EDWARDS TWEETS – Today, I extended Louisiana’s COVID public health emergency order to support our response to the pandemic, but without any remaining required mitigation measures. While we remain in an Omicron-fueled surge, we are definitely on the down swing.

  • There is a lot of COVID out there in Louisiana, and fortunately we have many more tools available to us now to prevent severe illness and death including safe and effective vaccines, booster doses, therapeutic interventions, and better quality masks.
  • While my order doesn’t include any required mitigation measures, it’s important that people continue to take into account their own risk of serious illness if they get COVID, including if they are immunocompromised, have comorbid health conditions or are unvaccinated.
  • I hope we never go back to the kind of strict mitigation measures needed before the vaccines. I also pray each day that more Louisianans will go sleeves up against COVID and get their vaccines and booster doses, because we know these save lives.
  • As we move deeper into the Mardi Gras season and with the continued return of big events, people should be aware that the CDC recommends that in communities with high transmission rates, currently all 64 parishes, people wear masks in public in crowds, especially indoors.
2h32m  AUDIO/VIDEO: YouTube CEO Susan Wojcickirecommends the governments pass laws to gain more control over online speech and elsewhere.

















 SPECIAL GUEST – Michael Kurek 

Who is Dr Kurek – American composer Michael Kurek is the author of the recently released book, The Sound of Beauty: A Composer on Music in the Spiritual Life (Ignatius Press) and the composer of the recent Billboard No. 1 classical album The Sea Knows (Parma Recordings).

Composer Laureate – it is a lifetime appointment

David Van Vacktor – was the last Composer Laureate recipient 

  • The story w/ the brooms and all was already there.

FOUNDERS TRADIN POST – The Sound of Beauty by Michael Kurek 

  • We have dumbed down our music even more.
  • Our minds are even more closed then when he was around.
  • In 1901 there were more pianos in homes than bathtubs!
  • People used to get around the piano – there was always at least ONE person in the family that could sing and/or play the piano.
  • March 18th – concert in Nashville – Tales From the Realm of Faerie

HEADLINE: Tales From the Realm of Faerie: Michael Kurek’s New Symphony by Joseph Pearce

MORE MUSIC from Michael Kurek – there is still more and I’ll try to get some more shows out to you.

John Phillips Sousa – John Philip Sousa was an American composer and conductor of the late Romantic era known primarily for American military marches. He is known as “The March King” or the “American March King”, to distinguish him from his British counterpart Kenneth J. Alford.

HEADLINE: John Philip Sousa: 10 Things You Don’t Know About The Man Behind the Marches by Jean-Marie Bralley 

  • Today in pop culture, you can learn only one cord on a guitar and roll with it.
  • You used to have to have some sort of talent to be considered ‘good’ in music.
  • George Butterworth – George Sainton Kaye Butterworth, MC was an English composer who was best known for the orchestral idyll The Banks of Green Willow and his song settings of A. E. Housman’s poems from A Shropshire Lad.
  • MORE ON BUTTERWORTH – Butterworth, George
  • WIFE – Crystal Kurek – BEST PERFORMER in a Musical 

Website –

Homeschool connections – Great Composers Course and The Sound of Beauty/Music Appreciation, The Basics of Music History

  HEADLINE: Meet The Sex Shop Founder Who Is Grooming Children Through Books In School Libraries by Spencer Lindquist 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Teacher on TikTok openly explaining the TRANSITION CLOSET at school‘The goal of the transition closet is for students to wear the clothes their parents approve of, come to school and swap out into the clothes that fit who they truly are.’

3h28m AUDIO/VIDEO: Why are some insurance companies banking on more deaths? Hear from former Blackrock Portfolio Manager. 
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