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Mike Church Show-The CoronaHoax™ Presents A Trap And An Opportunity: Slavery or Distributism Freedom! with Joseph Pearce

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Mike Church Show-The CoronaHoax™ Presents A Trap And An Opportunity: Slavery or Distributism Freedom! with Joseph Pearce

SPECIAL GUEST: Joseph Pearce

Author of Small Is Still Beautiful, Shakespeare On Love, The Quest for Shakespeare, Further Up Further In and many other titles.

  • The Rule of the Rich
  • What we have now we didn’t have before is this internet/technology.
  • We’ve got to keep the people under the jackboot or they will take our power away from us.
  • They are all working together to keep the people under control.

HEADLINE: Slavery That Was, and Is, and Is to Come by Joseph Pearce

  • National boundaries get in the way of what their ultimate goal is.
  • There will be no democratic anything if they have their way with it.
  • There are parallels with the Star Wars movies –
  • It will be the same fight…the fight for FREEDOM.
  • Magna Carter    All Nations Under God
  • Common Law
  • Roe v Wade
  • Abortion and Pro-Choice
  • The increase in farming and homesteading.
  • More and more people are brewing beer, planting gardens etc
  • THIS is the GOOD that comes out of Tyranny.

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Written by: Justin Redman

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