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Mike Church Show-The Covidian Cult Has Now Come For the Children-For Real!

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    Mike Church Show-The Covidian Cult Has Now Come For the Children-For Real! LoneRhody

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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  • CPAC happened in the great state of Florida
  • California is going to recall Gavin Newsome
  • Stacy Abrams – starts making several unscheduled trips to Californina
26m TRIVIA Question of the Day:

The One and Only Dr. Seuss

Theo Lesieg

Dr. Seus = Theodor Seuss Geisel

Phetasy – @BridgetPhetasy on Twitter

  • Subscriber base model has 3,215 members at $5.99 a month.
  • She does have a blowup doll in her garage where she does her ‘radio show’.
Restore the Faith Media – 

  • YouTube channel was taken down completely b/c someone DOXXED him.
  • He has 5 children so he closed it all down.


 Remembering Life Before MySpace and FB

  • How did you send pictures back then?
  • The whole thing is beginning to crash.
  • People are now seeing this was the worlds greatest BAIT and SWITCH!



HEADLINE: Why Do Hasidic Jews Wear Curls?  

  • They demanded these Hasidic Jews put a mask on their 6 month old baby.
  • The parent refused and they were forced to remove them.
  • There is NO SCIENTIFIC evidence that children spread the COVID virus. 
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1h18m  HEADLINE: War Mongering for Artificial Intelligence by Binoyt Kampmark

This from Eric Schmidt, technical advisor to Alphabet Inc. – “The AI promise – that a machine can perceive, decide, and act more quickly, in a more complex environment, with more accuracy than a human – represents a competitive advantage in any field. It will be employed for military ends, by governments and non-state groups.”

  • They have been planning this for CENTURIES and now they have the ultimate opportunity to implement it – COVID.
  • Remember not too long ago that Google was ‘hacked’ and offline for a few hours?
  • But let’s let this same software or organization be in charge of the MILITARY and nukes?
  • What could possibly go wrong?
 AUDIO/VIDEO: California puts out animated COVID propaganda for school re-openings. 

  • This is all propaganda.
  • The CDC has STATED publicly that there is no scientific proof that children are COVID carriers.
  • We have done this to our children. 
2h04m  Special Guest – Joe Clovis

  • Son has finally made it to London to visit me.
  • He had the COVID tests but the results didn’t come until AFTER he was to board. 
  • He missed his flight, then they claimed he had no receipt for the test so they made him pay $200 pounds again to be retested.
  • Things are getting quite unpleasant in London with lockdowns and closing roads.
  • You would expect something like this in China but not in Europe!
  • Our liberties are being more than challenged but taken away.
  • The people here are intimidated by this virus and we are willfully giving our liberties up.
  • With our Catholic background we typically respect AUTHORITY. 
  • The demons are all in now and in the open.
  • They are out there, these people are admitting they are Satanist now.
  • They aren’t even trying to disguise where their allegiance stands. 
  • People can’t even get justice now b/c the courts won’t even hear the evidence.
  • So where do we go from here?
  • How can justice be served even in a little case?
  • You go out 7 times praying the rosary around the abortion clinics. 
  • You pray out loud Glory be to the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit b/c that is the trumpeting sound/prayer!
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 Book Exchange

On Carrollton Avenue in NOLA – The Little Professor

 HEADLINE: Amazon quietly bans books containing undefined hate speech by Petr Svab
 HEADLINE: 6 Dr. Seuss books won’t be published for racist images by Mark Pratt

  • It is NOT normal and I will never call it normal.
 HEADLINE: Why The Virtual Golden Globes Fell Flat by Emily Jashinsky


 AUDIO/VIDEO:  WH Pess Sec Jen Psaki – this administration is not considering sharing part of the US COVID vaccine supply w/ Mexico. Once every American is vaccinated then we can discuss that.

  • THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN – the world will never be fully vaccinated.
  • Dr. Mercola has been doing videos about the dangers of this vaccine.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Laid off Keystone pipeline worker on FOX – “I haven’t been offered a solar panel job but after researching them, I’d be taking a $35/hour pay cut, lose my benefits and retirement.”

AUDIO/VIDEO: DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – to illegal immigrants “you need to just wait, it takes time to implement and change immigration policy.

  • When did the CDC get police power?
  • When did they get the power to create travel rules?

AUDIO/VIDEO: DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas – basically states that sending unaccompanied minor children to the border is the fastest way to get the whole family into the country. 

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Written by: LoneRhody

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