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Mike Church Show-The Day The Demoncrats Went Back To Hell, Let’s Keep Them There

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    Mike Church Show-The Day The Demoncrats Went Back To Hell, Let’s Keep Them There LoneRhody

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  • Virginia Governor Results
  • NYC election results
  • What does this loss mean for the Biden admin?


TRIVIA QUESTION: Who was the 1st black Mayor of NYC? 

ANSWER: David Dinkins – former NYC Mayor

AUDIO/VIDEO: Glenn Youngkin and Terry McAuliffe Debate 

Youngkin – I believe parents should be in charge of their kids education

McAuliffe – I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach

  • This is a HUGE loss for the Democrat party whether they admit it or not.
  • Let’s watch this closely to see how this plays out.
  HEADLINE: FBI Sat On Bombshell Footage From Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting by 

AUDIO/VIDEO: BREAKING: Human Events Daily has obtained never-before-seen FBI footage of the Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting – AERIAL FOOTAGE 

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  HEADLINE: 5 things we learned from Republicans’ big night by Steven Shepard and David Siders 

  1. The suburbs swing back
  2. Rural America roars again 
  3. Democrats’ missing message
  4. High turnout won’t save Democrats
  5. Progressives have a problem
  • Exit polls don’t matter to me.
  • This is more media making news for itself to run.

HERE IS WHAT IS IMPORTANT – What happens if more people leave the hell that is suburban life?

AUDIO/VIDEO: “Going up the Country” – Canned Heat / WOODSTOCK ’69














Political Correspondant 

  • Terry McAuliffe ran such a negative campaign.
  • One like we haven’t seen since 1980’s!
  • Youngkin is just not that type of candidate, he ran a good clean campaign.
  • People weren’t looking for a ‘savior’ so to speak so content was very important.
  • Terry McAuliffe didn’t have content and Youngkin had content w/ schools, mask mandates, vaccine mandates so this played very well.
  • Early voting was HUGE this time for Republicans and they all voted for Youngkin.
  • People don’t realize how radical our Governor has been here in Virginia.
  • The idea a pro-second amendment is fantastic!
  • He is going to fire the VA parole boards!
  • He can make major changes on day 1 and you see a new future for VA.
  • Terry was very anti the Texas abortion ban.
  • This didn’t go over well even on his on Democrat side.
  • Republicans aren’t STEALING anything in NJ, the Democrats just forgot they had so many Republicans in NJ.

HEADLINE: School system pulls 2 books with graphic sex from libraries by Matthew Barakat 

  • McAuliffe just couldn’t get past the school board and parents comment.
  • #MammaBear is a force to be reckoned with.
  • QUESTION: What about the TRUMP angle? 

AUDIO/VIDEO: MSNBC panel not taking the Dem loss well‘Youngkin worshiped at the altar of Trump, he didn’t say anything about the deadly insurrection where police officers were maimed by flagpoles…’ 

  • Youngkin drove his bus around the state, he only spoke on a few issues but they were important issues for the residents of VA!
  • He ran a local campaign, not one to ensure a lifelong career in politics. 
  • The negative campaign run by McAuliffe just didn’t work, it absolutely backfired.
  • The Democrats need to realize they went ‘scorched Earth’ wit a candidate that is the BEST at it and still lost!
  • For someone like Youngkin the bar is pretty low as to what he has to do now that he is in office.
  • In VA you cannot have consecutive terms b/c he can’t run again immediately.
  • He just has to not be a terrible person!
  • DRUDGE headline – DEM GOES DOWN!
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Host of ReConquest aired only on the Crusade Channel

Requiem Mass Music

AUDIO/VIDEO: Mozart – Requiem in D minor – complete/full

AUDIO/VIDEO: Verdi: Requiem, Dies irae

  • There is a beauty that is baked into everything the Church does.
  • The music is a big part of that!

AUDIO/VIDEO: BERLIOZ “Requiem Dies Irae” – John Eliot GARDNER

  • All throughout Christendom – there are Requiems composed 
  • Plain Gregorian chant melody – 

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Three Masses. William Byrd (1542 – 1623)

HEADLINE: The Creepy 13th-Century Melody That Shows Up in Movies Again & Again: An Introduction to “Dies Irae” by Open Culture 

  • We should have a Sacred Music Show!
  • All Souls Day
  • All Saints Day
  • Standard place to put things was the Cathedral door – it was like the internet back then.
  • If that is what he did, he did it on the Eve of All Saints – which makes sense b/c that was a Holy Day of Obligation and he knew all Catholics would be attending Mass.
  • A large number of Protestants celebrate Reformation Day a movable feast. 
  • Sunday before all Saints Day – that is the Feast of Christ the King.
  • That is why Pope Pius XI moved Feast of Christ the King to the SUNDAY BEFORE just in case.
  • Book of Revelation – it is so hard to find a consensus on the commentators so, I don’t have a ReConquest on that.
  • It is easier to understand Daniel b/c most has been fulfilled. 
  • 144,000 – in the apocalypse – the Jehovah witnesses – they are virgins and only from the tribes of Israel, then further after that “I saw a multitude….”
  • First there have been more than 144,000 Jehovah Witnesses so they have a major problem right off the bat.

HEADLINE: Reaping the Whirlwind in Latin America: A Protestant Plurality in Honduras by Joe Doyle 

HEADLINE: The Evolution of the Isleño Identity by Sara-Ann Harris 

   TWITTER Randi Weingarten Teachers Union President: The bottom line is whatever the results, we must redouble efforts to listen to & work with all parents. Parents & educators must be partners in our students’ education. It’s the only path forward. We must work together to create a welcome and safe environment where students thrive.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: House Minority Whip Steve Scalisewhat they are doing w/ these vaccine mandates for police are a ‘de facto Defund the Police strategy’.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Chancellor Rishi Sunak – to the COP26‘We want to rewire the entire global financial system for net zero.’ 

OBIANUJU EKEOCHA – she was in Poverty Inc movie, what does she say all the time?

  • She talks about how the government foreign aid is HURTING the 3rd world/developing countries. 
  • They sterile the women, they prevent the men from owning property.
  • They KEEP them dependent on the handouts!
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Written by: LoneRhody

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