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Mike Church Show-The Karen Vaxxsperation Is Real As The Resistance To The FrankenJab Grows!

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    Mike Church Show-The Karen Vaxxsperation Is Real As The Resistance To The FrankenJab Grows! LoneRhody

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HEADLINE: Louisiana Governor Reinstates Statewide Mask Mandate, Other Restrictions by Breaking 911

  • The state legislature revoked his Emergency Powers after his last attempt at Dictatorship.
  • Will this guy ever stop?
  • Will anyone actually stop him?
  • 26 unvaccinated COVID hospitalization in LA
  • So 12%, by their numbers, are vaccinated.
  • Their own data is disproven by their own numbers.
  • This is a political game being played.
37m HEADLINE: The Vaccine Karens by Ann Coulter 

COVID Karens Their position is: Everyone must get the vaccine. Even if you live alone on a mountaintop and eat leaves and beetles to survive, even if you’re a burbling infant, even if you’ve had COVID, YOU MUST GET THE VACCINATION!

  • You cannot protect yourself, only the government can protect you.
  • The dismissal of people who’ve developed their own antibodies springs from the same totalitarian mindset of gun control activists: You cannot protect yourself! Your body cannot protect you! Only the government can protect you. Or, as Mussolini said: “Everything in the State, nothing outside the State, nothing against the State.”
June 2020 WHO: Definition of Herd Immunity = 

After June 2020 WHO Definition of Herd Immunity = 

  • They have CHANGED the definition of Herd Immunity!
HEADLINE: Longtime soap opera star Jay Pickett died suddenly while filming a movie in Idaho by Sinead Baker and Jason Guerrasio

  • He died suddenly AFTER his 2nd dose of the COVID shots.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Mask Mandates in Schools – Parent addresses school board on the ineffectiveness of mask on children and adults.
1h26m  HEADLINE: FOURTH Capitol riot cop, 26, commits suicide: DC police reveal officer was found dead at his home last month in statement just hours after disclosing third cop had taken his own life by Jennifer Smith and James Gordon

  • The story states he ‘risked his life to protect the Capitol’.
  • Does anyone else see this as ‘too coincidental’? 
  • Did they not tow the company line of the January 6th narrative?
HEADLINE: If You Don’t Suspect Deep State Provocation At The Jan. 6 Riot, Start Paying Attention by Joy Pullmann

2 things brought BLM about –

If we don’t stop this monster now, it’s over.

  • You know people in line w/ us see this now?
  • Many of them pursue the truth and truth requires universals, it is no subjective and they know there is evil behind this movement.
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AUDIO/VIDEO: Michael Osterholm on CNN – (director Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy) These cloth coverings peoples are wearing are not effective against this virus, we need to talk about better masking. 

  • He is publicly admitting face coverings do NOT WORK.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Biden Health Official – ‘it’s time to impose requirements for people to get vaccinated’

  • He states the government will now only do business w/ companies that require their employees to be vaccinated.
  • Notice too he used the term LOCKSTEP.
  • Where else can the term be seen in? 
  • The 2015 Rockefeller papers
2h31m    AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing

Doocy – Is Obama setting a wrong example on COVID by having a party w/ over 500 people for his b-day?

Psaki – this event is outdoors and in a moderate zone, w/ testing requirements.

  • The Obama’s purchased the29-acre estate on the Edgartown Great Pond for $11.75 million in December 2019 after previously renting it. 
AUDIO/VIDEO: Gov CuomoI am asking that all private businesses, suggesting to them to go to a ‘vaccine only admission’. 

QUESTION: Do you know why he is asking businesses to do his dirty work for him? 

ANSWER: because he cannot pass legislation to make the vaccine mandatory for entry into ANYTHING.



HEADLINE: The Political Path Forward: Get Married and Have Kids by Jessica Kramer 

  • Problem today: people see this problem and immediately think it’s an economic challenge that needs addressing rather than a devastating moral collapse in social dynamics. And if they do recognize the latter as the real problem, they just don’t want to address it. Or rather, it’s uncertain whether controversial social policy would change the cultural tide at this point in the game.
  • What got us to this situation in society where we don’t aspire to marry?

This is what got us here:  No-fault divorce, legalized obscenity, birth control, abortion, and gay marriage have all contributed to this calamity.

  • We have a crisis of absent men.










Special Guest Laurie Calhoun


  • Why is the Pentagon buying vaccines?
  • Who do they plan on distributing them to?
  • The pharmaceutical party has hoodwinked people into thinking they are in business just for their hope for humanity. 
  • Masking Guidelines – from COVID particles are too small to everyone wear a mask, then get vaccinated and you won’t have to wear a mask, to well now you have to wear a mask even if you are vaccinated.
  • I think we are seeing medical malpractice. 
  • Children and pregnant women were never even included in the original ‘emergency use’ declaration.
  • They are being asked to be medical subjects to a treatment for a virus they will not get.
  • We have no data on the long term side effects b/c they just came out.
  • We can’t possibly know what the longterm issues will be.
  • Protests in France – the French people are coming out and protesting in the streets by the thousands!
  • People are not taking this lightly. They have had enough.
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Written by: LoneRhody

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