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Mike Church Show-The SCOTUS Taking Mississippi’s Abortion Case Means Prepare To Secede

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    Mike Church Show-The SCOTUS Taking Mississippi’s Abortion Case Means Prepare To Secede LoneRhody

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  OBITUARY for our dear beloved Shannon Suttles September 23rd
  Roe vs Wade 

First Things Magazine 

HEADLINE: ROE WILL GO by Robert P. George

First: If “politicization” means making the Court seem driven by politics rather than law, Roe and Casey are the ultimate causes of politicization. And having this Court stick by those precedents (when, as seen below, they are squarely at issue) would only heighten the impression that the Court is doing politics, not law. For the public knows that the Court is majority originalist and that originalism cannot be squared with Roe and Casey. So if the Court maintained those precedents against a head-on challenge, no one in the nation would doubt that it had done so for fear of the political fallout. And this signal that the Court is susceptible to political blackmail would only deepen the problem.

Second: Though other cases might have left room to uphold an abortion regulation without fully overruling Roe and Casey or resorting to made-up rationales, this case does not. Any such ruling would have to rest on reasoning that was groundless, vague, or entrenching of some sort of abortion right. It would either exacerbate the Court’s reputation for politicized decision-making, multiply its forays into the political warzone, or extend the damage done to our legal and political order by Roe and Casey’s survival.

Third: Developments this summer make it clear that a failure to overturn Roe and Casey outright would do more than increase those precedents’ immediate harms. It would shatter the conservative legal movement. Scores of filings in Dobbs suggest that the conservative legal movement now sees this case as the ultimate test of this Court’s position on reversing Roe, which is in turn the ultimate test of the Court’s commitment to constitutionalism. Anything less than reversal of Roe would be a wholesale defeat for the conservative legal movement. It would put wind into the sails of critics who have in recent years claimed that the conservative legal establishment is faking a commitment to restoring the courts to principled constitutional reasoning, and is really only interested in securing judgeships for its cronies.

39m BREAKING NEWS – with Mahgdalen Rose 
   Tulsi Gabbard – How much is a little girl worth?

  • Rumble video we played yesterday about the FBI enabling Dr Nassar.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: RuPaul explicitly indoctrinating children at the Emmys
55m  AUDIO/VIDEO: Marjorie Taylor Greenee‘If this nation become a nation where we have such a federal law that can kill a baby up until the day of birth, God will no longer provide protection & His grace over America.’ 
  Sacraments – 

  • Calling out error when you see error.
  • We can call out the error but it isn’t ours. 
  • God created these things, the sacraments are God’s.
  • He handed them down to us.
  • We can’t ‘EDIT or ALTER’ them in any way.
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   HEADLINE: As Biden Helps The Border Collapse, Texas Mobilizes To Build A Wall by Ciara Hall and Ken Oliver

  • The Border Patrol – Texas Rangers are NOT using whips.
  • They are shown using open reigns.
  Walker Texas Ranger Reboot 



Psaki – the Biden administration will be requiring that adult foreign nationals traveling to the US be fully vaccinated, those FLYING internationally must be fully vaccinated. 


Doocy – Foreign nationals setting up camps, are we asking for proof of vaccination or is that only if they are flying here?

Psaki – They aren’t intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time so this isn’t the same thing.

  • An alien friend – we are not at war w/ this country, there is no declaration of war.
  • An alien friend should be able to fly into the state/country and be granted entry. 
  • It is a privilege.
  • The state of Georgia for instance could just say no, that is their prerogative to do so.
  • That is why we have reciprocal agreements with other countries. 
  • New Jersey to New Orleans – I’m carrying luggage, what business is it what I am bringing into LA? 
  • LA can have a customs check if they are worried about what I am bringing in. 
  HEADLINE:  Roe Will Go by Robert P. George 

  • 6 of the Justices believe Roe to be an overreach. 
  • The court decided to get into political fights when they allowed Blackman to write about Roe. 
  • A halfway ruling in Dobbs would stop short of Roe and Casey.
  • QUESTION: What if he is wrong and it is 6 to 3 the OTHER way?
  HEADLINE: New York’s New Catholic Governor: Come to NY for Abortions by Paul Kengor

“For women in Texas, they need to know: we will help you find a way to New York and we are right now looking intensely to find what resources we can bring to the table to help you have safe transport here and let you know there are providers who will assist you in this time of your need.” – Kathy Hochul 

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   HEADLINE: Pew survey finds Catholics the most vaccinated group in the US by J-P Mauro

HEADLINE: Majority in U.S. Says Public Health Benefits of COVID-19 Restrictions Worth the Costs, Even as Large Shares Also See Downsides by Alec Tyson, Cary Funk, Brian Kennedy and Courtney Johnson 

   Operation Veritas – 

YouTube – Project Veritas – PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings “Vaccine is Full of Sh*t”

2h43m  AUDIO/VIDEO: Funeral Director John O’Looney blows the whistle on COVID by Max Igan 

  • Funeral Home: Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services
  • There was no increased death rate as seen by us funeral directors.
  • We weren’t seeing pandemic numbers.
  • We were seeing people labeled w/ COVID.
   AUDIO/VIDEO: Senior paramedic John Larter spoke out against the NSW government & the vaccine mandates – today he was suspended for doing just that. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dave Platte WTVMclearing up misconceptions about my departure.

AUDIO/VIDEO: San Fran Mayor London Breed on being caught in a bar violating her own mask mandate‘I started dance b/c I was feeling the spirit & I wasn’t thinking about a mask. I was thinking about having a good time.’

  HEADLINE: Thank God For Rednecks by Michael Warren Davis
3h31m HEADLINE: POLITICO Playbook: Double trouble for Biden 
  HEADLINE: Twitter to Pay $809.5 Million to Settle Lawsuit Alleging Jack Dorsey, Others Misled Investors by Todd Spangler

  • I have a question, how do you have $809 million dollars lying around to be able to pay this out?
  • Talk about a LIVING WAGE.
  HEADLINE: Peter Schiff: Buy Less; Pay More by Peter Schiff 
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Written by: LoneRhody

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