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Mike Church Show-There’s No Denying That The Biden, CoronaHoax Inflation Monster Has Arrived!

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    Mike Church Show-There’s No Denying That The Biden, CoronaHoax Inflation Monster Has Arrived! LoneRhody

Time  Red Pill Topics & Headlines
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HEADLINE: US Declares State Of Emergency To Keep Gasoline Flowing After Colonial Fails To Restart Hacked Pipeline by ZeroHedge 

QUESTION: Why are pipelines all computerized?

QUESTION: Do they required being computerized to work/function? 

Utilities – 

HEADLINE: Automakers Are Ditching High Tech Features Amidst Unprecedented Semi Shortage by 

DOTD – long-haul trucking companies

  • To me this sounds like a pretty big deal.
  • Someone in their mother’s basement was able to hack into the gas system and shut it down.
  • Maybe if there were MORE pipelines we wouldn’t have to declare a state of emergency? 
  • Would this help or would this just create MORE opportunities for hacking?
  • You mean to tell me we could just shut off the supply to Mordor here in the South?
  • Does this sound like a weapon to you….maybe?
  • Gasoline has gone up $1.20 since Trump left office.

HEADLINE: What Will You Do When Inflation Forces US Households To Spend 40% Of Their Incomes On Food? by Michael Snyder via The Economic Collapse

  • Did you know corn has risen 142% in the last12 months?
  • Are you prepared to feed your family during this upcoming crisis? 

HEADLINE: Visualizing What $50k In Lumber Can Build Today Versus Last Year by ZeroHedge

  • What about the cost of lumber? 
  • Have you seen the recent price of a 2×4 lately?
  • Where do you get the PAPER masks from?
  • Do they come from trees?
  • This is the greatest inflationary bubbles in the history of mankind.
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1h27m AUDIO/VIDEO: Dr. Fauci on This Week w/ George Stephanopoulos – 

George:  What will NEXT Mother’s Day will look like? 

Fauci: We have to get the overwhelming portion of the population vaccinated so there isn’t any place for the virus to go.

BY THE COMPANIES OWN WORDS – the ‘vaccine’ minimizes symptoms but does NOT PREVENT COVID.

  • So why does it matter how many people have the vaccine?
  • Is the flu shot called a flu vaccination?
1h36m HEADLINE: Halt Vaccine Passports! by Dr. Mike Yeadon

QUESTION: Tea Party People – didn’t we all say NO to the Real ID Act?

  • What was Real ID?
  • This was the Liberal answer to terrorism.
  • They wanted to make everyone have an ID so they could find terrorist easier w/ biometric hand and chip implants etc.
  • Enough people barked about it and it was stopped. 
  • Nancy Pelosi and Obama pushed for this.
  • You have an ethical and legal and moral objection to this shot.
  • It isn’t a vaccine so let’s stop calling it that.
AUDIO/VIDEO: WH COVID Coordinator Jeffrey Zients – “CDC guidance across time will allow vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask”
1h52m HEADLINE: Oklahoma Asks Supreme Court to Take Up Abortion Ban Appeal by Matthew Vadum

Which states have similar suits? :

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska 
  3. Louisiana
  4. Mississippi
  5. Nebraska
  6. SC
  7. Tenn
  8. Texas 
  9. West Virginia 
  • The edict and command to murder soon to be born humans needs to come to an end.
  • You don’t have to adhere to an unjust law.
  • The Trump appointees are NOT what we were told.
  • Kavanaugh and Barrett have been total disasters.
  • It seems to me at this early stage, this legal gibberish was all for show…for the public prior to being sworn in. 
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Pope Francis – blessing homosexual unions

  • The German Catholic Bishops, in open defiance of Catholic doctrine.


Pastor Arrested in Calgary:

  • Remember the clip we played of a pastor telling the Calgary cops to “get out you gestapo”?

HEADLINE: Canadian pastor Artur Pawlowski arrested for holding church service by Paul Sacca 

  • God has rights and when He gets angry…get out of the way!
  • Christ must be holding back the damn….Christ or Mother Mary because we have earned His wrath.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH COVID Coordinator Jeffrey Zients“CDC guidance across time will allow vaccinated people more and more privileges to take off that mask”

2h40m  Mortgage Companies: 

Refinancing your home – 

  • If you go back to a 30 year mortgage you are padding their pockets.
  • Yes your MONTHLY note will be lower but you ultimately pay a great deal more.
  • We can’t build houses w/o getting the Federal Government to finance it for us.
  • There is no 3rd party finances any longer. 
  • These mortgage companies aren’t loaning their OWN money.
  • This is the definition of usury.


 HEADLINE: Bezos’ New 417-Foot Superyacht Is A Testament To The “K-shaped” Recovery by Bloomberg

  • We know people that lost everything because of COVID.
  • This is truly the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. 
  • This proves it…more super yachts purchased AFTER COVID than before. 
  • “During the pandemic, the world’s 2,365 billionaires saw their net worth increase by $4 trillion thanks to central banks inflating asset bubbles. founder Jeff Bezos, the world’s top billionaire, saw his fortune soar to $178 billion from $113 billion, or 57%, during that time.”
 HEADLINE: U.S. Job Growth Disappoints in Challenge to Economic Recovery by Olivia Rockeman 
3h08m HEADLINE: I’m One of Millions Who Have Chosen Not To Have a Covid Vaccine by Jani Allan

  • Get together and make the commitment to meet on the 1st Friday’s and Saturday’s.
  • The mask is like a crucifix, it signals to people that you have committed and are happy with the lockdowns.
  • You either join them in THAT tier of society or you remain in THIS tier. 
  • They want the separation. 
HEADLINE: Medina Spirit could lose Ky. Derby win; track bans Baffert by Gary B. Graves

  • I know a little bit about this because I have family in the horse training and racing business.
  • There are many ways this drug could have gotten into this horse.
  • A horse w/ a bum knee shouldn’t be playing.
  • You wouldn’t force a quarter back to throw with a bad shoulder would you?

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Written by: LoneRhody

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