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Mike Church Show-Trump Was Right: It Was The “China Virus” All Along

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  • Dr Fauci is now under fire since the report came out suggesting that COVID did come from a leak in Wuhan China.
  • President Trump was right when he said the virus came from China.
  • Updates on E Palestine OH – 45,000 animals dead in 5 mile radius.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Reporter asks President TrumpWhy do you keep calling this the Chinese virus, isn’t that racist? 

HEADLINE: Lab Leak Most Likely Origin of Covid-19 Pandemic, Energy Department Now Says by Michael R Gordon 

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Simpsons House Cat Flu 

HEADLINE: Republicans React to Energy Department’s Reported Finding That COVID ‘Likely’ Leaked From Wuhan Lab by Gary Bai 

  • You have Senator Ted Cruz making his rounds saying that Dr Fauci killed Americans respect for all government doctors but he went along with all the mandates and lockdowns.
50m HEADLINE: East Palestine Reckons With the Shattering of Its Sense of Place by Salena Zito 

  • On Thursday, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources updated its initial estimate of 3,500 animals dead after the February accident to 45,000, a toll that was recorded within a five-mile radius of the crash site.


HEADLINE: Lawsuit Forces Los Angeles County To Remove 1.2 Million Ineligible Voters From Rolls by Victoria Marshall 

  • Los Angeles had to send 1.6 million address confirmation notices to voters listed “inactive” on its voter rolls. According to the National Voter Registration Act — which requires states to maintain accurate voter rolls — states and counties must remove from their voting rolls voters who do not respond to such mailers and do not vote in the next two federal elections.
  • Los Angeles told Judicial Watch it had removed a total of 1.2 million ineligible voters from its rolls. Last year, the county revealed that 634,000 of its inactive voters hadn’t voted in the past 10 years. 
  • No good can be brought about by an act of evil.
  • Now God can take an act of evil and bring about good.
  • You and I cannot do that.
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HEADLINE: Christian school leaves girls basketball tournament after refusing to face trans player by Alec Schemmel 

  • What have I been telling you guys about boys pretending to be girls so they can beat the crap out of girls in sports?
  • This Christian school in Montpelier VT withdrew from the State tournament b/c one of the teams they would face has a transgender student.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jordan Peterson on ‘core self’people claiming they were born in the wrong body but they don’t believe in the soul of a person.

  • “We withdrew from the tournament because we believe playing against an opponent with a biological male jeopardizes the fairness of the game and the safety of our players.”
  • “Allowing biological males to participate in women’s sports sets a bad precedent for the future of women’s sports in general.”
  HEADLINE: Five Ways the Trainwreck Revealed the Trainwreck by Adam Mill 

  1. Democrats caught not caring.
  2. Caught lying to blame Trump.
  3. Exposing the fairness of modern environmentalism.
  4. Another black eye for Democratic stewardship of public safety.
  5. An inconvenient lack of ‘white privilege.’ 

Prior to its train derailing in East Palestine, Northfolk Southern chimed in on the charade realizing that a little lip service might protect them from any real scrutiny. In its recent ESG report, Norfolk-Southern bragged that it’s made race-based hiring a priority, reporting: 

  • 52% of trainee/intern hires are a racial minority and/or female 
  • 60% of executive vice presidents are female 
  • More than one-third of new manager hires are women 
  • 56% of new manager hires are a racial minority



Mike Parrott from Restoring the Faith Media and host of ParrottTalk on the Crusade Channel.

  • There is a National movement all across Europe right now.
  • They are realizing they are losing their culture.
  • They are actually starting to rise up to protect their culture.
  • The people really awake to it is the practicing Catholics, the Latin Mass goers.
  • They are actively disobeying.

There is really 3 Irelands:

  • Traditional Latin Mass Catholics
  • The Traitorous Irish that want to be European
  • The Invaders and they are all brown.
  • People are looking for a solution and sometimes it is a good ole fashioned STRONG MAN.
  • The clergy here have jumped off the deep end.
  • They’ve ordained only ONE Priest on the entire island in one year.

HEADLINE: St Odran – Ireland’s First Christian Martyr

  • Look at the Bush family – power is passed down from father to oldest son, there is a hierarchy in that family. 
  • Do you think Bill Gates is going to divide his money amongst his children equally? 
  • That isn’t how things were done back in the day.
  • How do you divide a house into 10?
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KV Turley Archangel Radio

Spy Balloons and E Palestine OH

Caller Elliott – 

  • Elliott doesn’t believe I am who I say I am – KV Turley
  • The spy balloons the government knows everything and the Chinese know more.
  • The government is working w/ China okay.
  • You don’t even know what is inside those balloons.
  • We had the BBC leading the news w/ UFO’s!
  • What in the world is going on here?
  • In the UK do you have citizens obsessed w/ UFO’s?
  • 3 season relaunch of War of the World’s – 

Michal Krupa  – all things Ukraine and Poland

  • Voicing legitimate political view in Poland.
  • Leszek Sykulski – well known commentator on war part of the anti-war movement in Poland.
  • He voiced very anti-war sentiment and that is what most Polish people hold.
  • He was still working at the University and a few weeks ago the inaugurated the anti-war movement of Polish citizens.
  • He is against escalation and against war w/ Russia.
  • The media in MSM in Poland that talking peace amounts to treason.
  • You are not allowed to speak of peace only war or you are a Putin stooge. 

HEADLINE: McCarthyism Polish Style by Michal Krupa 

  • As Joe Biden visits Poland, Michal Krupa reports on the firing of a Polish academic for questioning the Polish government’s position on the war in Ukraine. 
  • Far from harming the Polish raison d’etatas Sykulski’s former employer put it, the Polish Anti-War Movement is acting in the interests of the Polish people. 
  • What does the American government do to you after you have outworn your usefulness. 
  • Looking at the current crop of Polish politicians, from the government to the supposed “opposition” in the parliament, united in their irrational hatred of Russia and repulsive subservience to Kiev, one cannot refrain from paraphrasing Charles de Gaulle — war is too serious a matter to be left to politicians. Polish citizens now have a platform for stating clearly and loudly: this is not our war.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Vladimir Putin National Address They’re destroying the institution of family, their cultural-historical identity, and various perversions with regards to children. Priests are forced to recognize and officiate same-sex weddings. The family is a union between woman and man.”

3h19m HEADLINE: Stacey Abrams is in Nigeria to Oversee Their Elections by Libby Emmons 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Sen Ted Cruz on Dr FauciThere is no bureaucrat in the history of our country who has done more damage to the US than Dr Anthony Fauci.

  • The sin of presumption – when Christ is completely gone and you have thousands of humans running around w/ guns.
  • Can they just come back and say Dr Fauci has immunity b/c he is a private citizen now?
  • Recompense – Say you break into a house and you accidentally set fire to the house. What does the insurance tell the homeowner? 
3h41m AUDIO/VIDEO: Bill Gates on COVIDIt is quite clear it came from animals and it spreads b/c of climate change b/c we are invading a lot of habitat.


Karine Jean-PierreWe have been grateful to Dr Fauci’s wisdom. We have been grateful to Dr Fauci’s advice and we have been very very clear here, we need Chi- we need to know more.


Karine Jean-PierreWho knows what the future may hold, we need to be prepared for potentially another pandemic.

  • This thinly veiled threat.
  • We know we are on their radar, don’t kid yourself.
  • You think that FBI leak is going to stop them?
  • They are STILL going after President Trump.
  HEADLINE: Rosary-wearing Jill Biden promotes contraception to Kenya’s young people by Evan Stambaugh
  HEADLINE: The World is Ending, Buckle Up by Todd Hayen 

  • This will only get worse – More things will happen that are obvious to us, but not to sheep. It may reach a critical point where the average sheep realizes they have been wrong, but like the boiling frog metaphor, they may all go to their death, or worse, without ever correlating their suffering to what all of us already know—a conscious and intentional effort for a relatively small group of elites to control the world.
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