Mike Church Show-Under Siege!? HA! We Got The Enemy Right Where We Want Them with Austin Ruse

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Mike Church Show-Under Siege!? HA! We Got The Enemy Right Where We Want Them with Austin Ruse

Special Guest Austin Ruse – Author of No Finer Time To Be A Faithful Catholic  ON SALE TODAY for $5.00  I’ll go back to the French Revolution – the fight goes back all the way to the Garden of Eden if we are going to the very beginning. The lefts agenda is to destroy the family. The NYC public prayer – 13 courts out of those 11 said the prayer was fine but the SCOTUS said it wasn’t. There was public outcry over this back then. Public schools were created to form children into something the family wouldn’t actually form them into. At the end of the day this is a spiritual war. United Nations – they are expert at taking their issues to judges. We are ruled in many parts of the world by judges. QUESTION: Why is this the finest time to be a faithful Catholic? ANSWER: Because we have them right where we want them. HEADLINE: Cdl. Cupich bans Institute of Christ the King from saying public Masses, confessions in Chicago by Mike Hickson  Movie Father Stu – Jesus at the bar talking about Stu’s penis! So no I don’t believe that’s who Stu really was. He managed for 7 years in LA one of the most prestigious gallery (art) gallery. A drunken guy talking like that isn’t the kind of guy that would have a conversation w/ anyone like that! I think they made up some of this b/c they wanted to sell the movie to a wider crowd. 

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Written by: Justin Redman

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