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Mike Church Show-Why The Average Kowalski Does Not Support The War In Ukraine with Michal Krupa

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Michal Krupa 

Short bio: columnist and historian, published in such venues as The American Conservative, Consortium News, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Chronicles. He hosts VotumTV: Heretics podcast, where he interviews dissident and competent mostly American voices. He loves the Latin Mass, Italian cuisine and Pat Buchanan. 

Also, appeared on the Two Mikes Podcast with Col. Mike Dr. Michael Scheuer on the Crusade Channel!

  • Canadian Ex-Pat
  • The Border Crossing – how many Ukrainians into Poland as of about 3 weeks ago amounted to just under 10 million.
  • That doesn’t mean they are STILL in Poland.
  • 3-5 million Ukrainians in Poland that came into Poland in 2013 so we’ve had a large number of Ukrainian people in Poland for some time now.
  • We have more than we should have taken.
  • They come to Poland for money, then bring it back to Ukraine it was a way to milk the Poland system.
  • Most came from West Ukraine and that isn’t even where Russia is concentrating they are in East Ukraine. 
  • Civilians are not dying in Western Ukraine so why are they in such huge numbers ‘escaping’ into Poland?
  • If you ask these questions you are called a Putin Stooge.
  • Zelensky is betraying or undermining the so-called Midon Revolution – 
  • We know that the Russian Administer of Defense are making claims that Americans were conducting biological weapons in laboratories in Ukraine.
  • Bioweapons in Ukraine remember Victoria Nuland said under oath there were these laboratories there in Ukraine.   
  • Feb 24th Poland has been the biggest supporter in Kiev. 
  • Poland has been at the forefront supplying Ukraine w/ money, weapons and taking in refugees.
  • They have also animated the narrative that Putin must be taken down.
  • Polish Anti-War movement – 
  • The only people interested into bringing Poland into a full on war w/ Russia is NATO and others, most Polish people don’t want anything to do with this war.
  • Catholic Baseball – 
  • The whole notion that Putin would leave Russians behind defenseless was silly.
  • The Ukrainian government was in-fact bombing people w/ Ukraine passports but they were Russian. They wanted to be back in union w/ Russia.
  • The goal was very clear, it wasn’t about defending Ukrainian democracy.
  • You can’t expect the Russians NOT to react to this.
  • Our Lady of Czestochowa

Written by: Justin Redman