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Monday-No, Chesterton & Belloc Are NOT Socialists, But There Are Plenty of Them Running For President!

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    Monday-No, Chesterton & Belloc Are NOT Socialists, But There Are Plenty of Them Running For President! LoneRhody

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  • Coronavirus
  • Afghanistan War – with-drawl coming soon
  • The Democratic candidates dwindle 
  • Pete Buttigieg drops out of the Presidential race
  • Elizabeth Warren dismal show in South Carolina
  • Was Joe Biden’s win in SC enough?
  Nancy Pelosi vs DeAnna

  • DeAnna Lorraine is running against Nancy Pelosi in California.
  • Since she is a Republican there won’t be a primary for them.
  Matt Walsh on Twitter – 

“At mass today they were still doing the communion wine. Dozens of people lining up to drink from the same cup. Questions: 1) why in the world are we doing this during flu season and with the coronavirus? 2) who in their right mind shares a cup with a whole line of strangers?”









AUDIO/VIDEO: G.K Chesterton archive, University of Notre Dame

  • I take great offense to those Catholics out there spouting out G.K. Chesterton was a socialist.
  • It is straight up libel.
  • He wasn’t a socialist and didn’t promote socialism.
  • If you can be wrong on something as large & importance as this, what else can you be wrong about?
  • This is a big one.
  • This is simply someone NOT doing their Due diligence. 
  • These people like John Zmirak are just wrong on this topic. 
  • There is other work out there that is equally worthy of being read like Chesterton, Tolkien and others.
  • Encyclicals are great but there truly are other GREAT Christian works out there.







Caller Jeff from Georgia – coronavirus

  • Clarification from Gregory Carpenter – when you were discussing this 80% really don’t show anything. 80% are MILD symptoms. 
  • Then there are serious symptoms 15%.
  • 5% Critical – patients unconscious and already on assisted living per say.
  • SERIOUS requires hospital support is what my understanding.
  • RO Rating – 4.0-6
  • RO rating of 2 or greater is considered extreme.
  • RO rating is how transferrable a virus is.
  • There is no comparison to the seasonal flu.
  • The RO rating is how many people an infected person can infect. So if the RO rating is 4, the infected person can infect another 4 people. 
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1h8m Caller Dr. Tom from Arkansas – 

  • Wealth in a Christian Society – 
  • Pope Leo XIII
  • Vaccines – true history 
  • Theresa Deisher instead of using aborted fetal cells technology.
  • Coronavirus – it truly is just a version of the flu on steroids.
  • Common Sense is NOT common.














Special Guest – C. Joseph Doyle 

Contact C. Joseph Doyle via email

Catholic Action League 

  • Massachusetts Knights of Columbus 
  • If something happens once it is a scandal.
  • Twice it is a betrayal.
  • MORE than that, it is a confidence game.
  • We must prohibit persons running for political office that support and promote abortion.
  • They shouldn’t even be allowed to rent the KOC hall.
  • Largest Society of drinking Catholics – KOC
  • To watch them and read their literature, they are “on the front lines of the struggle to ban abortion”.
  • In actuality they have been missing from the fight.
  • They are the LEAST militant group I have ever encountered. 
  • Lets be clear I am referring to the KOC of Massachusetts. 
  • If you win the Catholic vote, you will win the office of the Presidency.
  • HOWEVER, Catholics need to be told they cannot vote for the party of abortion which is the democratic party.
  • ONLY 11% of Catholics believe the killing of reborn children should be illegal.
  • 20% 1/5 believe abortion should always be legal.
  • The Church has condemned abortion several times.
  • Friends of the Saint Benedict Center –
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 Mitter Chur Weekend Movie Reviews – 

Midway – 2019 Movie Trailer

  • Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto 
  • Operation X
  • Dropping of the Atom bombs – 
  • What Lincoln Killed – docudrama produced and written by Mike Church available in the FTP.
  • It is common sense.
  • State of Louisiana wanted to mandate it they could. Morning prayers in public schools.
  • Nothing in the Federal Constitution says anything about it.
  • President Trump is quietly undoing this behind the scenes for us.
   Saturday President Trump at CPAC – 

  • In 2012 President Trump showed up and they BOOED him!
  • Those same ‘conservatives’ booed him in 2012 when he spoke.
  • He called Mitt Romney out at this CPAC.

HEADLINE: After Poor Showing In South Carolina, ‘Mayor Pete’ Buttigieg Will Drop Out Of 2020 Race by Emily Jashinsky

2h42m  HEADLINE: Twitter Permanently Suspends Account of Republican Running to Challenge Rep. Ilhan Omar by CNN Wire

  • What Twitter rule did Danielle Stella break?
  • She called her a Muslim.
  • If you tell the truth about a Muslim its called smears and attacks.


 Special Guest – GC Dilsaver 

Soul Deep Science 

Psychomoralitics: The Soul Deep Science of Human Flourishing!

1. Imago Dei

2. Incarnation

  • Yesterdays readings in Traditional Latin Rite was about the temptation of the incarnate form.
  • The devil tempting Jesus in the desert after 40 days and 40 nights of fasting.
  • Theology of the body – 
  • “A Woman’s place is in the home not because she isn’t good enough for society but its that she is too good.”
  • Separation of family and state.
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • ADHD
  • Autism – the rise of the number of cases. It effects boys predominantly. Some kids are highly autistic and you can see on the outside. Some are “on the spectrum” as in Aspergers. 
  • You don’t try to mainstream them. 
  • Most parents say “I just want them to fit in.”
  • NO YOU DON’T! You don’t want them to conform or be part of this corrupt society.
   Crusader Monastery Prayer List

Please in your charity remember the following people in your prayers – 

Richard – who continues to battle sepsis.
Caleb – who has down syndrome and was just diagnosed w/ Crone’s disease. 

Lizzie Reezay – that she grow in her faith and not lead devout Catholics astray.

Father John Hollowell – has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Prognosis is very good.

Father Dana Christensen – has been diagnosed with ALS

Rush Limbaugh – stage IV lung cancer, pray for his conversion to the One True Faith.

Tara Carroll Gates – for her conversation to Catholicism. 

Denise McAllister – for her conversation to Catholicism.

Brenda Marroy – for her reversion back to the One True Faith.

Joann – suffering from Parkinson’s disease. 

Father James Martin SJ – for his reversion back to the Faith.

ALL PRIESTS – for more vocations & for any experiencing depression or loneliness.

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Written by: LoneRhody

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