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Muricanism Is Now Complete As The IRS Welcomes The First Church of Satan!

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HEADLINE: ‘Hail Satan?’ Subject the Satanic Temple Says it’s Been Recognized as a Church by the IRS by Jeremy Foster

  • It was bound to happen.
  • How many of you remember Bob Dobb and the Church of the Slacker?
  • Their website can be found here:
  • This was meant to be parody.
  • MTWYB = Men that want your boys
  • “In light of theocratic assaults upon the Separation of Church and State in the legislative efforts to establish a codified place of privilege for one religious viewpoint, we feel that accepting religious tax-exemption — rather than renouncing it in protest — can help us to better assert our claims to equal access and exemption while laying to rest any suspicion that we don’t meet the qualifications of a true religious organization,” said Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves in a statement. “Satanism is here to stay.”











HEADLINE: Uber driver fired after refusing to take a passenger to an abortion clinic by Aaron colen

  • It wasn’t enough that she got him fired, she now wants to pursue criminal charges.

HEADLINE: This Study Should End The Debate About Whether Women Regret Having Abortions

 “According to a new study that tracked hundreds of women who had abortions, more than 95 percent of participants reported that ending a pregnancy was the right decision for them. Feelings of relief outweighed any negative emotions, even three years after the procedure.

Researchers examined both women who had first-trimester abortions and women who had procedures after that point (which are often characterized as “late-term abortions”). When it came to women’s emotions following the abortion, or their opinions about whether or not it was the right choice, they didn’t find any meaningful difference between the two groups.

These findings contradict the notion that women experience negative mental health effects after ending a pregnancy, as well as the idea that later abortions later abortions are more psychologically traumatic.”

  • QUESTION: Name 5 Worst Things One Can Do Legally That Are Sinful?
33m  HEADLINE: Motoring With Big Brother by Rod Dreher

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46m Mike’s Top 5 Sinful but Legal Things

  1. Abort Babies
  2. Contract Babies
  3. Shack up with marital benefits
  4. Mutilate their children
  5. Watch Pornography

SideBar – Office Space – Milton and his Swingline stapler

 HEADLINE: Paris archbishop defends Notre Dame from Macron: ‘This cathedral was built in the name of Christ’ by Jeanne Smits
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Special Guest Michael Hichborn founder of the Lepanto Institute

HEADLINE: Photo of Little Girl Stuffing Bills Into Burlesque Dancer’s Lingerie Lights Up the Internet by Juan Leon 

  • We already have Drag Queen Story Time so this is the next logical step right.
  • How can this be permitted? How can children attend such a thing? 
  • What kind of parents would give their 8 year old daughter bills to put in this woman’s panties?
  • If the city of New Orleans wanted to do itself a favor, they would tell the people we don’t want this kind of stuff. They won’t because VICE sells. VICE makes the city money.
  • This is a gateway to child sex trafficing. 
  • This is the same thing they are screaming the Catholic Church is doing. 
  • How dare any of this happen and continue?

HEADLINE: Ohio bill introduced to ban drag shows from involving, sexualizing children by Calvin Freiburger

  • Jacob Measley, a.k.a. “Miss Mae Hem”
  • These parents are co-conspirators. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Crocodile Dundee ‘lady’ in bar 

  • They won’t be satisfied until they have FULL participation b/c anything less means there is something wrong with them.
  • Transgender Survey – would straight people ever date a transgender. By and large the survey answer was NO and the Trans community was outraged. 
  • We would have seen MORE depravation if Trump wouldn’t have won the Presidency.
  • At the Lepanto Institute is currently investigating a BIG story and I don’t want to skew the results so I will wait to discuss it for another week.
  • This is a search into CRS. 

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Back to Special Guest Michael Hichborn 

HEADLINE: Notre Dame: the power of a “mere building” by Modern Medievalism 

  • QUESTION: Are you a Catholic or an Easter Worshipper? 
  • The name doesn’t even make any sense! Nobody worships Easter!
  • It is almost written as if Easter is an egg.

From the Mike Church Chatroom: Easter is a day, not an object or person that could be worshipped. It’s not even possible!

  • It is in the Quaran – their desires, their intentions it is all there!
  • They aren’t hiding their intentions.

HEADLINE: Pregnant wife of Sri Lanka bomber detonates suicide vest, killing children and police by Siobhan Heanue & Eric Tlozek

  • It is like the LGBTQ community, you are either all in or your the enemy.
  • You either sign up for the Jihad or you become an Infidel.
  • You are either alive or dead. There is no such thing as “brain dead”. 
  • The church has done a rotten job of evangelizing the faithful about Living Wills and organ transplants.

A Call To Arms: Join Me In The Confraternity of The CRUSADER Knights of The Most Holy Rosary

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