Proposed law would end Ohio sales tax on guns, ammunition, knives

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Proposed law would end Ohio sales tax on guns, ammunition, knives

Via Just The News:

Sales tax would no longer be collected on guns, ammunition and knives in Ohio if a bill planned for introduction in the state House of Representatives becomes law.

State GOP Rep. Al Cutrona recently announced he will introduce legislation that would exempt those items from sales tax, saying the move would help make gun, ammunition and knife retailers and manufacturers more competitive with neighboring states.

“Rights guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights should not be taxed,” he said. “This bill is an important way to promote our rights while also helping Ohio businesses and consumers.”

West Virginia is the only state in the nation that does not tax guns, ammunition and knives.

Ohio state Democratic Rep. Michele Lepore-Hagan told local TV station WFMJ that residents have different things on their mind.

“The people of Ohio are more concerned with the cost of health care, education of our children, the environment and corruption connected to HB6,” Lepore-Hagan said. “This legislator is anti-vax, anti-mask and now wants to make guns and ammo cheaper. This guy is trying to get us all killed.”

Cutrona said the legislation would fall in line with other sales tax exemptions that deal with constitutional rights. Ohio has exempted newspapers from sales tax since 1935, he said.

Cutrona also has introduced legislation this session that would prohibit social media platforms from censoring users and a bill that would stop schools, colleges and universities from mandating vaccines not fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

When Youngstown State University announced last summer it would not require masks for students, Cutrona – a YSU alumni – commended the university’s decision and amended House Bill 350 to end mask mandates for public schools.

HB 350, along with other anti-vaccine mandate bills, have stalled in the House.

The Ohio Senate last week solidified gun rights by passing a bill that would stop state and local government confiscating any lawfully owned gun during a declared emergency. It also passed a bill that clarified knives are included in the right to bear arms.

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