Southern Men Do We Stand With Alyssa Milano & Planned Parenthood or God’s Babies?

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Southern Men Do We Stand With Alyssa Milano & Planned Parenthood or God’s Babies?

I have been warning the last 7 months that this was going to happen to The South’s courageous efforts to finally end abortion:

ATLANTA — A federal judge on Tuesday temporarily blocked Georgia’s restrictive new abortion law from taking effect, following the lead of other judges who have blocked similar measures in other states.

The law signed in May by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp bans abortions once a fetal heartbeat is detected, which can happen as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, before many women realize they’re expecting. It allows for limited exceptions.

It had been scheduled to become enforceable on Jan. 1.

Lawyers with the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood and the Center for Reproductive Rights in June filed a constitutional challenge to the law on behalf of Georgia abortion providers and an advocacy group.

U.S. District Judge Steve Jones wrote in an order Tuesday that the current laws governing abortion in the state shall remain in effect for the time being.

Kemp’s office had no immediate comment on the ruling, spokesman Cody Hall said.

“Today is a tremendous victory for the women of Georgia and for the Constitution,” ACLU of Georgia legal director Sean Young said. “Politicians have no business telling women or couples when to start or expand a family. This case has always been about one thing: Letting her decide.”

“Always been”? How far back does that “always” go, sir?

The #NeverGillette Manifesto

I have been telling you since February that despite all the good intentions and the slander from Milano et al endured, the 7 Southern States of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio would all have our laws “struck down” by Leviathan’s courts; so let me ask the question again: WHAT are we going to do about it? Either we’re pro-life in practice and policy or we just like the sound of it and the waves we get from our car’s bumper stickers.

It’s time for Southern men, and yes, I mean MEN to lead, the ladies will follow, to organize and appeal to our state’s to resist this tyranny at whatever cost.

It’s beyond time to tell the Federal judiciary that we’re RE-claiming our Tenth Amendment rights and will not comply with the Federal judiciary’s tyranny.

Do we really believe that the Feds will send OUR National Guard troops to surround PP clinics with razor wire and sandbags and stand as armed sentries for the murderers and their victims safe passage?

We need Priests and other religious to lead the way, from the pulpits and processions made through the streets proclaiming the eternal Kingship and reign of Christ, tax-exempt status be damned.

Failure to act guarantees that tens of thousands will be slaughtered and many of their precious little bodies sold for spare experiment parts and hideous vaccines.

I told you this day was coming. Forty Three years ago when the day came for our parents, they looked the other way and made friends with the sexual revolutionistas inside and outside the Church; they then threw in with the GOP in a largely failed campaign to stop this holocaust by electing Republican judges, that strategy is a colossal failure. The answer, again, is to assert the Eternal Reign of the Kingship of Christ and under His authority resist this tyranny.

“I know not what course other men may take sir, but as for me, give me [True] liberty, or give me death.”

Over the next 40 years 60 million souls are relying on our actions, Men, what say ye?


Written by: jadechampagne

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Cannot agree with you more Mitter Church! While this is just a start, I post it hear too in hopes others will follow suit and hopefully people will wake up and say Enough is enough. For it is well past time for the bonds that may have tied us together many centuries ago are far in the past and time is well overdue to rethink this madness of 350 million souls moving is 350 million different directions… Complete failure is assured and many souls have been and will be lost the longer this continues. So here was my start on this, yes just a first step but a small step forward.

Most Reverend Gregory J. Hartmayer, I pray the Lord is blessing you with Faith, Humility to His Will, and a Prudence for Just Actions. I am sending you a copy of the letter I sent to Our Governor because this is something, He and We need Leadership and Solidarity on. These are things Saints in History preformed with God’s graces and are surely part of what we need now. I ask that You lead all your priest’s, and us laymen into the battle for the lives and souls of the unborn. Help Guide Governor Kemp and the Great State of Georgia in returning to Solidarity and Subsidiarity as the Church teaches and uniting us with God’s Laws and His Will.
God Bless, Viva Cristo Rey!

Letter to Governor Kemp:
Subject: Murder of the Unborn/Heart Beat Law, The Sovereign State of Georgia
Date 10/3/2019

Governor Kemp, You and the Georgia Legislator did the right thing when you wrote the State Law to protect the unborn. Now as was predicted the Federal Government has started to interfere in The State of Georgia’s sovereignty. So it’s now time to prepare to tell the Federal Judge thanks for their opinion but the sovereign State of Georgia will Follow God’s laws and ensure every Life is protected; then warn the Federal Government that anyone interfering in State matters will be first removed and expelled from the state and if their interference continues, they will be held to Full account for their violation and interference of Georgia State Law. God’s Laws are what Man’s Laws Have to conform to, any law or office interfering with God’s Laws are Null and Void. A quick reminder of the 10th Amendment and the fact that the Federal Government has No Power granted to it to stop enactment of State laws is well overdue. No I am not naive I’m sure some in the Federal government will attempt to cut funds, so be it! It will also be time for the State of Georgia to cut the funds going to the federal government, IE in the end, separation from the contract with the other states that provides for the common defense. Do You or anyone else think that if Georgia was threatened with Invasion from say a muslim horde, that Alabama would not come to our aid if it were needed? Of course, they would! So too would other States.
Considering it was said before, its time, well past time, to say it again “When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” The Federal Government has Gone so far beyond its Authority it’s time to separate ourselves from the Beast! By the way Georgia Government has the same inherent error in its Constitution: it does not Recognize God, God’s Laws, and God’s Rights thus, I do not think in the end that Georgia Government will be much better than the Federal but two things are true: one, Georgia’s Government is much closer to the People, thus easier to be held to account for its errors. Two, it is nowhere near the size and threat to humanity in general and to individuals in the 50 States, than the Federal government is.
So in short, if The State of Georgia (Other States also in the similar situation) does not assert our sovereign Rights what sense will it be to continue to have State governments?
Life Begins at Conception for without that moment in time, when Man, Woman, and God intertwine, no other moment is possible for that Individual!
May God Guide You and the rest of our elected representatives; give you all the Graces needed for this Fight and the Wisdom to Return Georgia to His Will and sovereignty under the Kingship of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
God Bless, Viva Cristo Rey!

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