The ‘Murican Conservative Has Rejected Never Trumper Journalism

Written by on 09/23/2020

The ‘Murican Conservative Has Rejected Never Trumper Journalism

From Mike Church 

Brian Burch has an essay at the AmConMag site titled “Why Trump Is The Catholic Choice” and it is a most fascinating read, please take the time to do so, you’ll be glad you did, I’ll explain why. What Burch has done is remind his readers that the United States, as it existed in 2016, was basically a vassal state that was laundering the illicit productions of the world’s communist, slave labor camps. That without one of us ever casting a vote for this evil, nearly all our manufacturing capability was destroyed and the communities those plants served similarly destroyed. But none of us ever voted for this, we voted for PARTIES that promised band-aids on what they had allowed, indeed, helped bring about. Then along comes Donald John Trump, even though Burch never mentions him! Here’s an excerpt.

Subsidiarity is a principle that holds that matters of public concern should be addressed by the lowest competent authority. In other words, responsibility for addressing a societal issue should be local whenever possible. Responsibility should not be usurped by higher authorities unless absolutely necessary. This principle is, in the first instance, rather closer to another often celebrated American ideal: suspicion of big government. But there is also a difference. Subsidiarity is open to the involvement of higher authorities when lower authorities are failing to fulfill their ends: in fact, it demands it. But the involvement of higher authority must aim at creating conditions for restoring the lower authority to its rightful role and healthy functioning. The higher authority must not displace the lower. The vision behind subsidiarity is of a vibrant civil society in which families, businesses, professional associations, unions, municipalities, and much more are each vigorous in making their unique contributions to the good of the whole, the common good.

These principles of Catholic social teaching may seem very abstract, but they illuminate something about America’s predicament in 2016. While metropolitan elites thought the economy was doing “fine,” in fact for a generation globalizing trade agreements and the offshoring of industrial employment had shattered the lives and communities of millions of Americans. But no one in charge had even noticed. It was during the 2016 election that most Americans learned for the first time that an opioid epidemic had long been raging in our country, with annual overdose deaths in recent years exceeding the total number of American dead during the Vietnam War, every year. And it was about the same time that Americans learned that “deaths of despair”—from suicide, overdoses, and alcohol- related liver disease—had grown to an alarming level. So much so that the life expectancy of white Americans had actually been declining for many years.

Read the whole thing, here.


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