The Barker Brief That Almost Wasn’t

Written by on 12/03/2019

It seems that there are forces trying to stop “The Barker Brief” from being transmitted.  Thankfully, when you have something to say and you are on Christ’s side, you will prevail.

(Union, KY) – While filling in for Mr. Richard Barrett of The Barrett Brief Fame on Wednesday November 27th, 2019, a windstorm knocked out the internet access interrupting the broadcast.  That was a rough blow since it was in the middle of The Crusade Channel’s 28th Annual Thanksgiving Extravaganza.  Although the link was reestablished, there was no small amount of content left uncovered during the show.  So to ensure that everyone is able to hear what was supposed to be covered the show, an encore-type program has been recorded for your listening pleasure sans the interview with Toby J. Sumpter.

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Some of the topics covered will be familiar to those who were able to tune in and most of it will be new to everyone.  Those topics include:I started to write an article last week about CFA’s statements and direction for charitable giving in 2020
As I worked on it, more and more information came to light about the direction CFA has taken over the past several years.
TKD pointed this out which started me down a line of research.
I had to scrap the whole article
The title was “CFA shouldn’t negotiate with LGBT Terrorists”
However, I don’t believe the capitulated – it seems this was a direct internal focus by them.

Let’s Talk About Disney

Give a Gift that’s BETTER than Disney Plus, Netflix and Amazon – a Membership to The Crusade Channel.  You Won’t Regret Helping the Cause.

Suicides, Drug Addictions, and Alcoholism Are Robbing Us of Image Bearers

What is Addiction? Hint – it is NOT a disease.

  • The world says that addiction is a disease, but Romans 6:16 says addiction is slavery to sin.
  • It is important to define terms Biblically
  • If we listen to the world’s definition, there is hopelessness and despair; but when we listen to what Christ says about our issues, we are infused with hope.

The Damning Heresy of the Prosperity Gospel

  • Kanye West at Joel Osteen’s Church
  • Kanye does not need to be doing Sunday Services
  • Kanye does not need to be speaking in front of audiences like Osteen’s (neither does Osteen) because he is a novice.  He should be sitting under proper Biblical teaching and mature first.
  • Adam Tyson, from what I’ve heard in the interviews, is giving Ye some solid counsel

Biblical Irony Destroys the Prosperity Gospel

To gain humility is to exalt Christ’s Work.  Get your copy of Father Gaetano Mary de Bergamo’s “Humility of Heart” and begin a life-long journey of seeking to know Jesus more.

Chick-Fil-A Did Not Capitulate – They Followed Their Plan Completely

Aaron Barker is host of The Breakdown.  He is a wannabe radio host and serves as a guest fill-in for The Crusade Channel.  He is married with two kids and a dog.  Find him The Breakdown on Facebook and Twitter.

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