Using War Terminology When “Battling” COVID

Written by on 12/05/2020

Using War Terminology When “Battling” COVID

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The battle with Covid is often compared to a War

Fighting a War uses resources and solutions. And If this was a War, we would gather those
resources and develop actual solutions into defeating the enemy.

America, during World War 2 didn’t try to prevent the Nazi’s, they already existed and were
ravaging Europe and so Americans made sacrifices,

Yes! We saved our cooking oil, our tires and even donated our Pots and Pans for the effort. In
addition our Leaders sent our best and brightest to actually fight the enemy with a plan.
There are two major differences between the leaders then versus our protective, smothering
leaders today.

First, in the real War, we had a plan to fight; now we don’t fight. Instead we hide, shut down and
wait to die until the magical vaccine appears. We hear about cases and deaths, but we never
hear about treatment, recovery or the lack of symptoms. We don’t hear about who should be
careful; instead everyone should be frightened.

Our WW2 leaders knew then that we could not defeat our enemy and lose our Culture, Liberty,
Religion or our businesses. In short; our “Way of Life” could not be lost. We would In the end
lose the war by giving up on what made us Americans.

We were diligent in preserving our Culture. We had dances, went to the movies, Church,
restaurants and bars. We did not cower in our homes while hoping that the Nazis wouldn’t
invade our homes.

Should we ever defeat this virus, what will we have? A faceless mass of zombies that
mindlessly complies to a Government that tells you what to do without any legislation or
Constitutional backing? A society that no longer remembers the excitement and joy of life.
Multiple generations that are afraid of having any social contact?

That is not living, to me, that’s an Apocalypse! And don’t tell me this is just until we have a
vaccine. Most people won’t risk the vaccine when it’s success rate is worse than the recovery

Today, we worry whether the Covid Nazis will invade our homes because we have too many
people and whether we have masks.

With the Covid War, we have taken a strange and illogical approach. We rush to a solution
without any concern or discussion over the consequences. One person decides what is best.
That my friends is not what our Founding Fathers intended when they wrote the Constitution.

Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask. Inside dining at 0, 50, 75%, curfews, no bars, 6 feet? Close
theatres, gyms, churches, or any place people might gather to enjoy ourselves. If masks and
lockdowns work, why do we need more lockdowns? Where’s the Science?

We never hear about recovery, treatments or cases that are asymptotic. We only hear about
death, gloom, and preventing grandma from dying. Even when most people that die are over the
age of normal life expectancy.

It’s so clear that our leaders have zero concept of life in America. Leaders/Experts still get theirs
while everyone else sacrifices their jobs and dreams. Leaders rush to pick and choose data and
science without regard for results or consequences. How many examples of officials acting
contrary to their edicts only to apologize. The catchphrase “We are all in this together” is more
full of crap than my Septic Tank. Those that can say that are still employed, wealthy, or on the

The same people as educated as they present themselves in the field are not educated in the
business community, nor do they care. And by the way when I say business community, I refer
to all the downstream people. We can not survive on bailouts or unemployment insurance.
Did you know that a restaurant running at 100% makes a 2 to 3 percent profit? Why would
anyone run a business that can’t at least turn a profit? So any restrictions to capacity destroys
any chance for staying in business. Curfews and bar limitations prevent the bulk of any income
for them. Waitstaff and bartenders are either limited or eliminated based on your edicts.
What about downstream and ancillary businesses? People that provide linen, mats, hood
cleaning, dumpster, cleaning, food suppliers and more all are either reduced or out of business.
Some say these are small sacrifices for others to be safe and we are told that our actions can
kill people as if we were in a clock tower with an automatic rifle.

Our leaders continue to get paid under the restrictions somehow believe that we need to
magically prevent any spread of this intelligent virus. This virus can allegedly count people,
measure distance and tell time. That’s irrational!

Have you ever heard the phrase, “I don’t want to blow smoke up your ass”?
Where did that come from? Back in the 18th century it was popular to receive a tobacco smoke
enema. Wait, what? Yes, that’s where the term comes from. They would pump tobacco smoke
inside you to revitalize you for a number of concerns. The results were worse than the cure.
There are those that say that we are heartless and don’t care because we disagree with Covid
restrictions. On the other hand, I say that we care and we care about our future. We need to
preserve our culture, family and religion.

Consider a first date between a boy and girl holding hands and sharing popcorn at a movie? Do
you remember Prom? How about taking your son to a baseball game? Cheering for an encore
at a Concert? Visiting Grandma before she passes at the nursing facility? Cheering for the USA
at the Olympics? Weddings, picnics, or reunions? I could list so many parts of our culture that
have been lost and may never return if we let our government continue unlawful and
unconstitutional mandates.

Covid is being used as an excuse to eliminate our liberty under the guise of safety and security
for the people. If we allow governments to unilaterally dictate to us, we will never return to

Case in point; do you remember when you were greeted by your family when you got off a
plane? Remember when you didn’t get felt up at the airport? Those days aren’t coming back
and if we allow masks and lockdowns to continue, we will never return to “Life as we knew it”.
We are living the story of the Boiling Frog. A frog thrown in a boiling pot will immediately jump
out, but a frog in water that is slowly heated will remain in the water and eventually be boiled to

Our leaders are slowly boiling us by gradually eroding our rights and regulating our actions. We
will wake up in either 1984, Berlin, or Beijing.

I don’t want to raise arms against the government, but help me understand what are our

God bless all of us and pray the Rosary!

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