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No Businesses Did Not Cause Inflation, Biden’s Government Did.

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Andy Shectman

Miles Franklin: Precious Metals 


  • They make promises that try to get them re-elected and then that creates an environment that is difficult to live in.
  • Never-ending deficits and growing at a pace of $1 trillion every 100 days.
  • We must begin things in and make the difficult decisions.
  • Main topic for almost 4 years, I’ve done 4,000 podcasts on this. 
  • Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa =  BRICS
  • This is a big deal.
  • We are seeing the majority of human population – 
  • We thank you for all the 50 years of protection but you signed an EO to go green and you have been weaponizing the dollar and we don’t align ideologically anymore.
  • Stock piling dollars to buy oil – those countries don’t have to do that anymore.
  • This is the moment when the Federal Reserve – they have 2 choices.
  • Deflation and Defaulting
  • Is there a 3rd option?
  • When no country has to hold the American dollar we will get hyperinflation. 
  • Stocks, bonds, insurance and currency all collapses at the same time.
  • Some of you have heard all of this before. 
  • What if some of the things being done by Biden wasn’t done for purposes of war but to devalue the American dollar and crash the system?
  • Everyone has assumed the American dollar will never collapse.
  • The only thing you benefit from America being strong at the table is the dollar is a secure currency. 
  • But it isn’t now so what’s next?

Written by: Justin Redman