Parrott Talk-The USSA’s Top Secret War On Americans

today09/27/2023 102 11

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The USSA’s quiet revolution was launched decades ago. A copier machine purchased from Boeing in 1986 revealed the USSA’s top secret plan, but by that point it was too late.  The revolution was already almost ten years old. 

Mike Parrott reveals the plot found in this document. Even though people dismissed the document as a conspiracy theory, the  suggested actions found in the numerous paragraphs and the attached diagrams are similar tactics used by the current regime of the USSA. Tactics like a media that refuses to cover any wrong doings by the current regime. A media that tries to distract the masses with false stories about political opponents. A media that pits brother against brother.  Mike breaks down how this plan  effectively used the media, corporations, institutions and the government to launch a quiet war against Americans. The only way to find out if this document is an elaborate and clever story or if it is real, is to listen to this episode of Parrott Talk.


Written by: Justin Redman