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Population Control By Abortion And Satan Worship…Oh Wait We Repeat Ourselves.

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Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute – 

Follow the Institute on Twitter – @LepantoInst

HEADLINE: U.S. Funding Pushes The World’s Poor Brown People To Kill Their Own Kids by Father Shenan J Boquet 

PREPFAR = US President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief 

  • This isn’t relief or assistance in AIDS, this is indoctrination.
  • This is providing the tools to perform same sex affairs.
  • Here in our local library, in one of the most Conservative parishes there is in Louisiana, we have those books.
  • We did a rosary rally in front of one of these libraries and we got heckled by 4 people.
  • All 4 people were women. 
  • On World Contraception Day (Sept. 26) and International Safe Abortion Day (Sept. 28), the culture of death celebrates its efforts to depopulate the world. The Biden administration must publicly denounce the racist agenda behind its domestic and global policies regarding “sexual and reproductive health.”
  • There is no such thing as a SAFE abortion. 
  • At least one person dies with each procedure. 
  • There were more abortions last year AFTER Dobbs than there were the year before.
  • So the repeal of Roe is a wonderful and glorious thing did it help protect life?

HEADLINE: Free Online Conference Will Expose Population Control Enthusiasts Operating Within the Church by Michael Hichborn 

USAID = US Agency for International Development 

Foreign Assistance Act – this created USAID

FROM Foreign Assistance Act – Paragraph 4 subsection B – Development assistance provided under this chapter….(control of population growth)

  • These countries have to report back to the US that they are enacting programs that reduce their own population growth.
  • Child Sex Trafficking – 
  • Stop making up names out of thin air fellow Catholics, we have perfectly good Saints names available. 

HEADLINE: Marina Abramović in London: death, Maria Callas and breaking the rules of Opera by Jessica Klingelfuss  

  • Ahead of her dramatic operatic takeover in London, we spoke to Marina Abramović about  ‘Seven Deaths’, her multifaceted homage to soprano Maria Callas.
  • Abramovic settled on an opera – an unlikely medium for the radical performance artist – with 7 Deaths of Maria Callas, which debuted in Munich last year. ‘I am secure in my skin as a performance artist, so I was interested in doing something new, to go into a world that I had never been to before,’ says Abramović of her first foray into the traditional art form. ‘The opera world has such strict rules – so it’s a good thing to break them.’
  • Demons are real, they have been granted by God to effect things going on in this world.
  • More power over those that will give themselves to me…
  • FACT:  Almost 20 million Ouija board sales in the last 52 years in the US alone.

HEADLINE: The Strange and Mysterious History of the Ouija Board by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie 

HEADLINE: If Thy Right Eye Scandalize Thee: What Should Be Done With Father Rupnik’s Art? by Andrew Thompson-Briggs and Gwyneth Thompson-Briggs 

  • In light of the emerging scandal surrounding Jesuit artist Father Marko Rupnik, Catholics are asking what should be done with his sacred art. 
  • Father Rupnik’s workshop has accounted for projects for more than 200 liturgical spaces around the world, including Lourdes, Fatima and the Vatican.
  • We are dealing with the allegation that Father Rupnik is an apostate priest who, over the course of a long career at the heart of the official structures of the Church, has leveraged his authority as a priest, a theologian and a sacred artist to make himself the prophet of a false Gospel in which sin is virtue and virtue sin. According to the allegations, Father Rupnik not merely habitually convinced others to sin with him, but convinced them that the real sin was not to sin with him and thereby partake in his carnal pseudo-mysticism. 

Written by: Justin Redman