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Re. Thomas Massie Interview – “Trying To Prevent The Republic’s Death On A Voice Vote In An Empty Chamber.”

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Rep Thomas Massie Interview – “Trying To Prevent The Republic’s Death On A Voice Vote In An Empty Chamber.”

 Representative Thomas Massie

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  • I am the most hated man in DC at the moment.
  • Congress wanted to rubber stamp this bill w/o anyone actually reading it.
  • This is from Nancy Pelosi – we should be super skeptical of this.
  • Do the math there are $1,200 checks going out but it is a $6T all together so how does this even add up?

Representative Thomas Massie 

Tweet – 

  $2 trillion (Congress) 

+$4 trillion (Fed & Treasury)


  $6 trillion stimulus

$6 trillion divided by 350 million citizens  = $17,000 per citizen

times a family of 4

=$68,000 per family of new national debt and dollar devaluation in this stimulus.

  • I did everything I could do on the floor.
  • I believe they had 300 members of Congress that showed up, they had a quorum. 
  • Why didn’t we just vote?
  • This was all about keeping the people that voted yes and no for this could not be called out for how they voted on this stimulus bill.
  • In the 8 years I’ve been in Congress, if a member stood and asked for a recorded vote they are ALWAYS granted the request. 
  • I’ve talked to President Trump several times and he is on video talking about how I’m doing a wonderful job here in Kentucky.
  • This was insider trading and they knew it and they didn’t want me to bring this to light.
  • I have 30 patents, I’m a hillbilly that went to MIT….I’m really just an average guy.
  • I love the President, I think he is doing a good job for the most part but this bill was a set up for him.
  • Coronavirus Tarp II
  • There is such nastiness in this Corona Tarp – 
  • If you have retirement savings, this will rob you of your retirement savings.
  • This is a horrible bill for the American people.
  • We need a bill to test and produce ventilators, respirators and testing.
  • They did this with the Patriot Act after 9/11.
  • AUDIO/VIDEO: Off the Grid with Thomas Massie

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