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Smaller Government – & Most Everything Else – Is Still More Beautiful! With Don Livingston

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Don Livingston interview title: Smaller Government – & Most Everything Else – Is Still More Beautiful!

 Special Guest Professor Donald Livingston

Professor of Philosophy at Emory University and a David Hume scholar

Author of Rethinking the American Union for the Twenty-First Century

Abbeville Institute 

  • Large Empires w/ central government ruling.
  • Very small republics – the public things – these were very small there were about 1500 of them. The largest was Athens.
  • That civilization created world class artist, architects and much more.
  • It was a very unique civilization.
  • You mention Florence, until the state of Italy was created in 1880, they had Papal States.
  • We need to carve the Northern part of Virginia off for sure.
  • They handled this through Secession.
  • Massachusetts and Maine – Maine LEFT Massachusetts!
  • After Lincoln we get this ONE NATION INDIVISIBLE 
  • The Pledge of Allegiance – The meaning of the war can be put into 3 words. 
  • The war was about centralizing power NOT about slavery.
  • TRIVIA on Gov. Morris – 
  • Human Scale    as compared to bedroom sizes
  • Washington is a cancer that is spreading to all other states.
  • Why Some Americans Need to Believe the Civil War Was About Slavery – NEW BOOK (It will be in 3 parts.)
  • Michael F Holtz – the War of Northern Aggression 
  • A political act of survival! The Civil War
  • A sectional party – the hatred of the South was out of control b/c it was so fertile. Most of the goods/commodities came from the South.
  • The political party opposed the SECTION….the South.
  • Agitation over slavery was why SOME states seceded. 
  • 4 states voted NOT to join the Confederacy 
  • 7 States seceded and voted no.
  • Gods and Generals    official movie trailer
  • There are organizations that are actively trying to protect this history!

Written by: candacechurch

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