Nick Fuentes V Ben Shapiro In The Do Nothing Bowl Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First I will recap the faux outrage over the “confrontation” between Nick Fuentes & Ben Shapiro.  Second, What The AP Thinks You Should Know. Third, we go across the interwebs. Equally important DHS task force says […]

The Republic of Texas Here is what is happening in the Brief. First, Joaquin Castro’s Doxxing Of Voters shows how far the left will go. Second, About one-in-five adult Twitter users in the U.S. follow Trump. Third, Mahgdalen Rose joins me to talk about how Tulsi Gabbard is scamming conservatives. Also Disney+ will discount a bundle with Hulu […]

Mandeville, LA – Progressivism is ascendant and always wins because the prizes it offers for its adherents, Olive Garden and Regal Cinema types love: streaming porn, no worry abortions, government funded contraceptions, poshly funded studies of 3 legged monkeys with cocaine habits, no fault divorce for the 5 time married and absolution from the sin of […]

Mandeville, LA – David Simpson is in Studio D for Wisdom Wednesday!  Caller Chris in Tennessee wonders whether he should prepare for riots such as was seen in New Mexico at a Trump rally yesterday, and shares his positive experience from listening to the Veritas Radio Network.   Among the topics for Wisdom Wednesday are the Veritas Radio Network, […]

Mandeville, LA – We have to accept that white and red martyrdom is coming!  Mike shares his reasons for not coming into the studio on the Friday before Memorial Day.  Go ahead and get outta here, you Olive-Gardenians and Regal-Cinema-attendees.  Mike provides info on “The Times That Try Men’s Souls”, playing on Memorial Day.  Don’t […]

Mandeville, LA – We’ve Been Here Before – Here we are, in the same position we found ourselves in circa 2008 when we were told that McCain was the GOP nominee.  Convinced by the talk radio mafia back then that the ’08 election was the MOST IMPORTANT election in the HISTORY OF HISTORY, nothing truly changed after […]

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