Let all those who wish to defund police watch Portland and let that be your example When you defund police it won’t help. They’ll scale back to the bear essentials – ammo, guns, and protection for themselves.  Body cams?   Sorry, you defunded Dash cams? Sorry, you defunded Clean jails? Sorry, you defunded Better training for […]

Cuomo Kills Investigation Into New York Nursing Home Disaster Via New York Post: Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday shot down the idea of an independent probe into the coronavirus’ tear through New York nursing homes — while again asserting that criticism of his administration’s response is purely partisan. State pols from both sides of the […]

What is God Doing For You Through The Coronavirus? Arizona Sheriff’s Refuse to Enforce Unconstitutional Shutdown Orders Two sheriff’s in Arizona have stated that they will not enforce unconstitutional shutdown orders which gives us a great reminder that we need to develop relationships with our law enforcement officers in the community. Governor Cuomo Shows His […]

  HEADLINE: Prominent Sex Abuse Whistleblower on the Summit: ‘This Cannot Be the Catholic Response’ by Bree A. Dail | Bree on Twitter Focus on the Family – 4D LIVE ultrasound on the Jumbotron in NYC. The difference in 4D and 3D – the ultrasound world, 3D is dimensional images and 4D is dimensional video. […]

Mandeville, La – The transcript from today’s Mike Church Show on the shameful campaign for infanticide in NY, RI & VA and Cardinal Dolan etal’s epic failure to address it. Begin Transcript 6:29am “October 26, 2016 was the last day I was on SiriusXM after 13 years – I’m going to give you the chance […]

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