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Tech Support: I Downloaded The App But Can’t Play Past Episodes On It

today07/03/2016 27 1

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Mandeville, LA – We receive dozens of the above question from new members, here is a typical response, we hope this solves the question for many.


Dear Founders Pass Member,
There are tut0rial videos and FAQ articles on this subject on the site because we have addressed them hundreds and hundreds of times but I will briefly review:

1. We do not advertise and do not say ANYWHERE that you can get On-Demand download access via the app. It simply is not available at this time and if you saw somehwhere that I or any one connected with me said or advertised that please point it out so I can correct it.

2. You CAN get download access on your smartphone with an RSS reader app/player, it is a very simple, 3 step process, go here to learn about your specific phone:

If you have an Android phone we suggest this app: RSSRadio

For iPhone, the built in Podcast App is a simple 2 step process:


If you have an iPhone, simply open up the Podcast App (info here) and paste this address into the + Add Podcast:

This works the same on an Android phone using for example, the FREE, RSSRadio App.

All best,

Mike Church

More tech help on this topic:

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Written by: jadechampagne

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I have listened to you from Day 1 and was having trouble not killing my data plan when you started this venture. I took a new job in Bakersfield; I was actually surprised to see that people were excited about me moving there, Go Bernie signs everywhere. I just laugh and wave at all my new fans.

Anyway, this is great! I’ll now be able to easily hear all of your wisdom in a great new format.

On a side note Mike, my son finished his treatment/surgery/treatments and is going in for a pet scan soon. Thank you for your prayers my fellow Marian!

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