Testimonial: I NEVER Heard of Fatima’s Miracle of The Sun Before!

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Mandeville, LA – Listener Jeffrey B. writes to share his experience listening to the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel’s Mike Church Show on Wednesday 13 July, 2016. From the details of Jeffrey’s note, it appears Our Lady may have made a digital intercession.

Dear Mike,

I try real hard to listen to you and Mr Kreslins every day. After a snafu with the stream this morning during the morning drive, I never lost signal. This never happens as I drive from Chanute, KS to Wichita, KS and back as there are several dead spots. I feel as though I was meant to hear the entire show without interruption, as while driving the same route in the afternoon I lost signal and finally gave up and listened to your podcasts.

I was very moved. I had never heard of any of this. Thank you for the opportunity. I shall listen to the next three. I, as I am sure you can tell, not Catholic. Christian yes, but you and Mary are working on me. I shall continue to listen with baited breath to hear the rest.

Thank you,

Jeffrey B.


Written by: jadechampagne

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