The Barrett Brief – KFC launches Impossible Chicken to help Inner City Crows with their Cholesterol!

Written by on 08/27/2019

KFC launches Impossible Chicken to help Inner City Crows with their Cholesterol!

Here is what is happening today in the Brief. First, Kentucky Fried Chicken is the latest restaurant to launch Impossible Chicken. In a test of Beyond Meat’s latest fake meat creation, KFC will offer “Beyond Fried Chicken” at a single restaurant  near Atlanta’s SunTrust Park.

Second, Boeing begins the process of getting the 737 MAX into the air. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration said on Thursday it would invite Boeing 737 MAX pilots from across the world to participate in simulator tests as part of the process to recertify the aircraft for flight following two fatal crashes.

Third, G7 nations stand out for their low birth rates, aging populations. The impact on these wealthy countries presents a threat for national governments and economics. To point out the challenge for these wealthy countries, Japan, Italy, Germany, U.S., France, U.K., and Canada. 

Also, Crows living in the city have higher cholesterol levels. Don’t forget the world famous “You Gotta Be Kiddin Me” 

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