The Breakdown: Does Social Media Have Too Much Influence – Or Do The Users?

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People Are Waking Up to the Social Media Company’s Who Have to Much Influence Over Politics

A recent article in Zero Hedge shows that 75% of adults believe that social media companies wield too much sway over the politics in the United States.

From the article:

A new poll from Pew Research finds that 72% of American adults think social media companies wield too much power and influence over politics.

According to a survey conducted last week, just 22% of Americans believe Silicon Valley technocrats hold the ‘right amount’ of political power, while just 6% believe it’s ‘not enough.’

Nearly 9 out of 10 ‘conservative Republicans’ (89%) feel social media platforms have too much power vs. 74% of ‘moderate or liberal Republicans,’ while liberal Democrats are slightly more likely than moderate or conservative Democrats to agree (68% vs. 60%).

Is it the companies that have too much power or is it the self-righteous keyboard ninja’s who think we care what they had for dinner?

Nazi Flags Still Catching Crap

A couple decides to protest the mask mandate at Wal-Mart by showing up in a less-than-desirable attire; even for Wally World’s Standards.

The pair showed up at a Wal-Mart in Marshall, MN while throwing up the Nazi Salute and telling others that Joe Biden was a Nazi.


Perhaps resisting the mask mandate could have been done a bit more respectfully?

Local Economies Need Our Help – Especially in this Desperate Economic Time

Is there a local business that you know could use your help?  Even though it seems more trendy to be “local” in the past several years but there is much truth to it.

Developers are trying to keep things local but giving the cemeteries called “malls” a new lease on life.  As reported by Bloomberg the dying mall’s new lease on life is apartments.

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Written by: Aaron B

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