The Church Doctrine

The Church Doctrine Episode 1 – The Wright Stuff

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The Church Doctrine Episode 1 – The Wright Stuff

The Pilot Episode of Mike Church’s Newest Media Creation – The Church Doctrine.

“The ‘Doctrine’ is a return to the long-form, uninterrupted interview/hangout format we popularized during The CoronaDoom. There are no preset clocks, timed limits or commercial breaks; it’s just me hanging out with the brilliant, hysterical, important and sometimes even, holy folks I have been blessed to meet and interact with these last 32 years in broadcasting!”


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    The Church Doctrine Episode 1 – The Wright Stuff jadechampagne

Mike connects a transatlantic cable to the studio of longtime correspondent and friend, the brilliant Frank Wright (subscribe to his Substack here).


The Holy Rood Poem and Easter

Can we become worthy of actually having a “Good King”?

The Real Reasons Why The Soviet Union Collapsed

Patrick Deneen and The End of Liberalism

Glenn Greenwald, Is he really “one of us”!?

Why Ukraine was lost from the get go

Russia’s Christian Revival is real

BRICS spells the end of American hegemony

Why truly FREE people have what Patrick Henry Called the Right To overthrow tyrants!

Biden et al: We ARE THE PEOPLE you have been waiting for!

Our completely bankrupt system of political payoffs and generational bribes

“I’m with Bug Hall…If January 6th was a rebellion, I want a refund!”

Heroes, The Apollo Project and The Wright Stuff

The Flat Earther-Alex Jones’er cannot see ACTUAL heroes so ALL accomplishments of the 20th century are nothing but conspiracies

Trump-The Alpha Males the ugly women of Gal QUeda warned you about

How the Night of The Living Dead gave us the CoronaHoax

Epilogue and I introduce Frank to the solution to everything: SCIENCE!!




Written by: jadechampagne