The Church Doctrine

The Church Doctrine Episode 7 – Risky Fitness

today05/31/2024 95

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The Church Doctrine Episode 7 – Risky Fitness

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What do a sexagenarian and a buff and tuff Gen Z’er have in common that they could have a conversation about? Apparently lots as you will hear in The KingDude’s interview with Catholic Warrior Fitness proprietor Isaac Padilla!

Does Isaac know the famous boxing legend who bears his last name?

Young Isaac from baseball to band.

Isaac packin’ up his game and headed out west.

The L.A. scene and Isaac the rap star.

The epiphany “my dad was right!”.

Isaac’s powerful reversion story.

Becoming a Catholic man through marriage and fatherhood.

A new vocation! From raps to reps!

Epilogue: “My dad was right and today we’re best friends because of it.”


Written by: jadechampagne