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The Church Doctrine Episode 8 – The Hand That E-Knocks The Cradle

today06/04/2024 37

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The Church Doctrine Episode 9 – The Hand That E-Knocks The Cradle

What does a devoted, catholic,  youth minister do when through no fault of his own he loses his beloved ministry? Well he finds a new way to reach catholic yewts – rap music. Yes, CATHOLIC themed rap music on this episode of The Church Doctrine.

E-Knock’s a nearly native Southern Californian whose desire to serve started as a teen in San Diego.

He organized and led youth conferences for hundreds under 3 bishops.

When you think “youth ministry” you probably think Evangelical Christian and you would think wrong.

E-knock “packed up his game and headed out east” for the benefit of his wife and kids.

Hello beautiful Kentucky!  Goodbye beautiful youth ministry (just not enough kids in his new hometown).

The minister goes “Run JMJ”

How do you write  “beats” about catholicism and keep them sacred?

There’s a rap for every season but not for every reason.

Now E-Knock is literally “rocking the cradle”. 

BONUS! Check out E-Knock’s JUST RELEASED single “Sacred Heart!”

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    The Church Doctrine Episode 8 – The Hand That E-Knocks The Cradle Justin Redman



Written by: Justin Redman