The Disney Abomination Virus Spreads, Now Knights Are Queer & “Gentlemen” Are Angry, Ugly Women – The Mike Church Show


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The Disney Abomination Virus Spreads, Now Knights Are Queer & “Gentlemen” Are Angry, Ugly Women

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Traveling Stories – 

American Airlines – flying has just become a chore, a hassle and a penance.

  • Korean TV Show Running Man 
  • There is no diversity in its cast.
  • There is no transgender character.
  • There is no black character.
  • They are all Korean.
  • Isn’t South Korea an ally with the United States? 



 HEADLINE: Pose star Billy Porter confirms he’ll play the Fairy Godmother in live-action Cinderella reboot by Brian Gallagher

  • This isn’t going to be an animated thing, this is going to be a live action production so you will see his MALE figure as the Fairy Godmother.
  • AppleTv has an LGBTQ section along w/ Netflix and Hulu.
  • Hulu has this: The Bravest Knight 
  • The Bravest Knight is a TV series, ANIMATED, of a homosexual man that is married to another man that has an adopted daughter. 
  • This is 100% geared toward little children.
  • They are yet again normalizing this deranged lifestyle.
   HEADLINE: Dad’s battle to save 7-year-old son from ‘gender transition’ continues as trial begins today by Madeleine Jacob 

  • This isn’t the children. Children haven’t changed. It’s the ADULTS that have changed. 
  • WE are the ones confusing these children.
  • This mother is telling her son he is a girl and making him dress and act as a girl when he is with her.


 HEADLINE: Why Federal Judges Matter by Rod Dreher

  • Did you know that Obama, in his Obamacare made it compulsory for doctors to perform gender reassignment surgery?
  • So all of these doctors have been forced to perform these horrible surgeries even if they knew it wasn’t the best thing for these patients. 

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 Steve Cunningham and Sensus Fidelium

  • YouTube channel has been taken down by YouTube for monetization reasons or so they say.
  • 90 minutes of movie is approximately 9-14 gigabytes
  • Content Delivery Networks – 
  • Don’t forget Google owns YouTube. 
  • You aren’t getting that content “free”. 
  • They are clocking every single thing about you.


 Lisa Bergman In Rome – 

  • She was stopped by the Vatican Police and told she couldn’t distribute the FREE books.
  • She was told she had to have a permit to do so.
  • Armed with a little bit of knowledge, they went back to St. Peters Square and now are able to “give” Treasure and Tradition away. 
  • She stood up to the police, she refused to leave. 



Nancy Pelosi And An Impeachment Vote

HEADLINE: Pelosi: No House vote on impeachment inquiry by Scott Wong and Mike Lillis

  • In the Democrat party, an impeachment proceeding/vote wouldn’t work for you in any way shape or form.
  • There is absolutely no winning in doing this. 




AUDIO/VIDEO: Tulsi Gabbard on Syria and regime change wars.

HEADLINE: Tulsi Gabbard Calls Out CNN And New York Times At Debate Hosted By CNN And New York Times by Chrissy Clark

AUDIO/VIDEO: Anderson Cooper asking Joe Biden about Hunter Biden and Ukraine

  • If you are President no one in your family will be associated w/ foreign businesses, why was it okay for your son while you were Vice President? 
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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

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HEADLINE: Saint Hedwig (1243) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart

Saint Newman and James Martin SJ

  • Tweet about Saint Newman being gay b/c he had a great, deeply emotional relationship with a friend that was a man.
  • Patron Saint of the Catholic press and those that defend the faith.
  • Saint Francis de Sales
  • External and Internal purity of mind.
  • A healthy man will enjoy the figure of a healthy woman.
  • Men have serious temptations.
  • Women should dress modestly but men should also have custody of the eyes as well.
  • If I have no firm foundation but I still say he may have committed adultery, that is slander.
  • So what James Martin has done here is slanderous.
  • Normal attractions of men to women.
  • Mistaking real men friendship for sodomy b/c they don’t have “normal” friendships.
  • 98% of all men walking this Earth are going about this all wrong.
  • Move the body of John Newman to exhume the body as part of the beatification process.

AUDIO/VIDEO: MENstruation Thinx 

HEADLINE: TV networks to air commercial depicting menstruating men and boys by Doug Mainwaring 

HEADLINE: GQ Emasculates Itself by Rod Dreher

HEADLINE: Voices of the New Masculinity by Nora Caplan-bricker

  • The younger generation is almost lost. 
  • It isn’t just the matter of pumping out offspring. They must be brought up correctly.
  • The Yuck Factor – there are a great deal of things that looks gross or sounds gross but that is not the main reason we ‘don’t’ do something. If it is just an emotional reaction to the grossness of the thing, then there is a problem. We need to teach them the principles involved not that homosexuality is gross.
  • James Bond was becoming popular at the same time as Playboy was becoming popular too.
  • Patrick McGoohan turned down the James Bond character b/c of the sexual aspect out of respect for his wife.
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Written by: Corey Clark

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