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The Emerald Isle Strikes Back

today03/11/2024 62

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Kathy Sinnott – 

From Ireland

HEADLINE: Family and care referendums comprehensively defeated by Jennifer Bray 

  • The referendum on family – which proposed extending the definition of family to those based on durable relationships as well as those based on marriage – was defeated with 67.69 per cent voting No.
  • The referendum on care – which proposed deleting the reference to a woman’s life in the home and a mother’s duties in the home and replacing it with a recognition of care within the family – was also heavily defeated, with 73.9 per cent voting No.
  • They proclaimed this was going to be a slam dunk and that the women of Ireland would be liberated.
  • We are not going to be cheated so they pulled together and explained the big lie the government was telling them. 
  • 2 referendums 
  • Mothers can’t be forced to choose b/w their child and a roof over their heads.
  • Free maternity care has been the rule of law in Ireland.
  • When the abortion referendum passed that now means FREE abortions as well.
  • The contribution that a woman makes in the home that society is grateful to her. 
  • They would seek to assist carers caring for family members.
  • It got rid of any obligation to the state.
  • It didn’t even come close!
  • The day before the vote they were saying it was going to be close.
  • They thought they planned it so well.
  • St Brigid’s feast day was a National holiday – 
  • The media did their best to NOT mention that.
  • “Saint Brigid is also said to have miraculously changed water into beer for a leper colony and provided enough beer for 18 churches from a single barrel; she is sometimes considered to be one of the patron saints of beer.”
  • The abortion vote that passed, there was fraud and cheating going on b/c this vote was so alarming for the left here…it would have been close but it would have been different outcome.
  • The Family is the nature unit of society and will be protected.
  • Continued Special GuestKathy Sinnott 
    • What do you think of when you think about the people of Ireland?
    • Saint Patrick comes to the island in the 3rd century.
    • MEP – Members of the European Parliament 
    • Remember, or let’s bare in mind Ireland has a population of about 4 million.
    • In the US it may be 300+ million in America.
    • We have brought in over 1,000 a month and most are single males military age.
    • When they arrive in Dublin airport they claim they have no documents.
    • Even though they had to have a passport to board the plane that got them there.
    • But here in Ireland it entitles them to seek asylum. 
    • That allows and entitles them to healthcare, housing and food.
    • He was in the airport and homeless for approximately 17 days. 
    • By International law no asylum seeker can ever be homeless.
    • 1,000 come in a month and 70,000 Ukrainians are being housed in Ireland as well.
    • It is a question now of where do you put them and what happens to the Irish culture when they can speak their own language?
    • So the FAMILY part of the referendum was to say that other family units like 4 wives etc would be recognized as a family.
    • So this would have changed the entire Irish constitution to acknowledge other types of family as IRISH culture and it just isn’t the case.
    • The UN would have then had a referendum in the Irish Constitution. 
    • In other words your culture be damned, lady. The invaders don’t care. And the people who don’t mind them coming don’t care because they hate Ireland, they hate their whiteness, and they hate all their history.
    • What are durable relationships?
    • International Asylum – 
    • Durable Relationships – 
    • This exact same thing is happening all over the world not just Ireland. 
    • The scheme is to dilute the cultural and historical population and make it something it has never been – a MONOCULTURE. 

Written by: Justin Redman