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The Evil That Is Trans Began In The Weimar Republic with Frank Wright

today05/22/2023 126

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HEADLINE: TransFormation: The Weimar origins of the transgender culture by Frank Wright

  • Mangus Hirschfeld 
  • His library hosted several beastiality books, pedophile images and other debautery. 
  • The image of the book burnings is one whose emotional charge has increased because it serves to mythologise the West as the bulwark of freedom. The potency of this image is intensified in direct proportion to its contradiction of reality. To invoke the book burnings is to emotionally compensate for the vanishing freedoms of the postliberal West. It is a falsehood in practice, and its use a testament to the power and purpose of fantasy in the political economy of mass society.
  • The world’s first transgender clinic was opened in 1919 in Weimar Germany. It was founded by the Berlin doctor Magnus Hirschfeld, who in 1893 was approached by a troubled young soldier whose heritage and disordered sexual behaviour reflected his own.
  • The ideology of identity seeks to capture the past as much as the present. Hirschfeld’s film is an early example of a trope which has turned popular entertainment into precisely this kind of propaganda, which erases the normal and actual culture, replacing it with the fantasies of vengeful fanatics.
  • The classic tactic of the Demonic left is inversion. 
  • They used the book burning against us when we say This Book Is Gay, they compare us to Nazi’s that burned and banned books.
  • What they FAIL to tell you is that the books that Nazi’s burned were HOMOSEXUAL and perverted books.
  • The adoption of the mantle of science makes for an irresistible progressive appeal, with the practices of a depraved minority being thereby amalgamated with technological advancement.
  • The motto suggests one of the pillars of the posthuman religion – that it is ignorance which leads to “prejudice”. This bigotry is simply the process of accurately noticing and naming what is happening.
  • The CORRUPTION of innocent children is their satisfaction.
  • The disfiguration of beauty.
  • The Scientific Humanitarian Commission – Justice Through Science
  • Tatchell celebrates Hirschfeld as a hero, who prescribed “Lots of gay parties and plenty of boyfriends” to the homosexual men who sought his guidance.
  • Dr Brandy Schillace PhD – 
  • Childless people who belive in a machine oriented immortality.
  • I’ve done 3 posts on this so far and I will make them into a book because I have so much research on this topic.
  • I am going to finish it w/ post #4 and then I’ll be done w/ this b/c it is just demonic.
  • Human Scaffolding – we will be viewed as the scaffolding that created it, once it is created it won’t need the scaffolding any longer.
  • The same thing is true in free speech.
  • Once it has your free speech it doesn’t need it anymore.
  • Cabaret – 
  • This is all from the left, all my sources – they brag about it so much there is no need to make any of it up b/c they proudly display it.
  • Taylor Marshall running for Presidency – he isn’t serious about making a bid for the White House, I think he is attempting to bring the obvious candidate closer and out to a more Catholic stance on the Sanctity of Life. 
  • If by some chance he wins, he wouldn’t be an effective ruler b/c he doesn’t have the network, money etc to do anything effectively. 
  • I respect Taylor and I have a caveat here, I want to hear things that acknowledge this document, the Constitution. 
  • I think the election is about the soul of America.
  • If someone doesn’t restore the truth there won’t be an America to defend.
  • Job Tips – 

Written by: Justin Redman