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The Heresy Of The Two Covenants Exposed

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Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest show aired only on the Crusade Channel.

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HEADLINE: Saint Lucy (304) by The Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 

  • The 2 Covenants – 
  • Moses was the mediator of the old law.
  • It is very confusing so stop what you are doing and pay attention.
  • This is a point of great confusion.
  • Most assume the old law means the entirety of the Old Testament.
  • The Old Law is the Mosaic Law – 613 individual laws.
  • Most of them are negative.
  • That Mosaic Law none of us could actually keep –
  • They get more specific and discuss the Law of God and Nature.
  • The covenant made w/ Moses was conditioned.
  • It was a bilateral contract and it was violated by the offending party.
  • Because it was violated it was superseded. 
  • This new covenant is the one Jesus Christ established by His blood.
  • Our Lord says this is My blood – echoing but altering Moses Covenant. 
  • Saint Paul – those promises to Abraham and his seed.
  • If you are Christ then you are the seed of Abraham.
  • No ONE, no Christian ever believed that  they both ran at the same time until you got Zionist Christians.
  • The two Covenants couldn’t be at the same time.

HEADLINE: Yes, Anti-Zionism Is Antisemitism by Dennis Prager

  • I receive Our Lord and Savior when I attend Mass, that by definition makes me NOT a antisemite.
  • Jesus Christ was born a Jew.
  • The Christians who talk about 2 Covenant Theory – 
  • Christians didn’t do circumcisions until much later.
  • You just don’t cut off healthy tissue.

HEADLINE: Santa Lucia by Brian Kelly 

  • As a young girl, Lucy’s Catholic faith and devotion to Christ grew strong, and so did her longing to give all the material goods she had to the poor and, like Saint Agatha, she was determined to consecrate her virginity in service to God. These intentions were kept secret by her, for a while, from her mother, but after her father’s early death, her mother, Eutychia, began suffering from a serious hemorrhage. Her daughter convinced her to come with her to Catania and ask Saint Agatha for a cure. She agreed, and, upon venerating the martyr’s relics, she was cured. So grateful was Eutychia for this miraculous favor that, upon hearing of her daughter’s holy resolve, she gave her a Catholic mother’s full support. However, there was one problem. Prior to this, and without Lucy’s knowledge, her mother had arranged for her to marry a young pagan. When this man noticed Lucy’s largess with the poor, he became very upset.
  • Robert Sungenis – he was not a traditionalist.

HEADLINE: Episode 401: Catholic Confederates. Guest: Dr. Gracjan Kraszewski


Written by: Justin Redman