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The Mike Church Show-The Incredible Story Of The Making Of Cabrini

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Mike Parrott

Host of Parrottalk heard only on the Crusade Channel.

Producer of the Cabrini film.

  • Who’s idea was this?
  • The man who financed the movie – it’s larger than the Passion and it is the biggest of any non-Hollywood film. 
  • If you go to Sacred Heart Catholic Church in New Orleans – there is a statue of Mother Cabrini.
  • Christine Nile – Scandal
  • We got the film done, I went to Rome and set up the shots there.
  • I was the #3 producer on the film.
  • I lost all of that to protect the film b/c Christine Niles and Church Militant went after me.
  • I didn’t want this film to be under scrutiny and scandal so I removed myself.
  • I lost my ownership in the production company.
  • We were working w/ Mel Gibson on another film and I didn’t realize this issue w/ Church Militant was going to take 2 years.
  • Mike Parrott is a good man, I knew this man personally and I knew the outcome would be a vindication of him.
  • Mike was basically cancelled by Michael Voris and Christine Niles.
  • We have a nun as the main character and asking the Pope to do things and the Archbishop too.
  • We made her as much a Catholic as we could.
  • Mother Cabrini wasn’t a feminist, she was Italian and they are VERY PUSHY!
  • This was life and death for her.
  • We tried to portray her vigor and her never say quit attitude…the modern world knows feminism and they tend to see it where it is not.
  • She was just a strong Catholic Italian woman.
  • I would say generally speaking that most that say they have a calling for Hollywood really don’t.
  • It usually isn’t animated by a love for the art but a love for the money and fame that comes with it.
  • Everything you heard about the horrors of Hollywood is true.
  • Pre-production then the production this is two separate things and then comes post-production.
  • That is 3 batches of money right there.
  • Then when the film is finished you have advertisement and that is the 4th batch of money.
  • All of that being said, I’m just not sure that is a great way to live.
  • You aren’t doing Catholic radio, you are a Catholic man that does radio.
  • The same needs to happen in Hollywood.
  • We need men of good will that make good movies w/ the lens of being a good Catholic men.
  • We need Catholics that tell good stories.
  • We are a society that are sold more products, experiences and other things than any other generation in history. 
  • No one wants to be PREACHED to they just want to be told the story. 
  • They don’t want your politics, they don’t want to be sold anything. 

Written by: Justin Redman