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The Land Of Spooks-Shills And Sheeple Who Can Be Trusted

today02/15/2024 79

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Donald Jeffries 

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Author of Hidden History, Bullyocracy, Crimes the Cover-Ups in American Politics & Masking the Truth: How COVID-19 Destroyed Civil Liberties and Shut Down the World

  • Think of a more irresponsible ask to the public.
  • You are enabling what is lawbreaking and invite people into your home, you have no idea where they came from, you can’t speak to them and there is zero ability to communicate w/ them but fear not.
  • I don’t understand the tendency of the alt media to focus on them in the manner they are.
  • They focus on the person interviewing instead of what they are actually asking.
  • What about Joy Reid?
  • What about Rachel Maddow?
  • No one every talks about their history etc. no one cares about their credibility. 
  • When I look at Tucker Carlson, I understand where he has come from, look at what he is doing. 
  • His actions should be what we are questioning and talking about NOT where and what he came from.
  • Same thing w/ Putin.
  • We should be questioning why no other journalist wanted to get an interview w/ Putin.

HEADLINE: Land of Spooks and Shills and Sheeple by Donald Jeffries 

  • I’ve experienced this kind of widespread distrust in the JFK assassination research community. The fractionalization is worse than ever. The few who are trusted are the typical milquetoast, neocon types I have admonished for years. The same huge egos and difficult personalities we see in JFK research dominate other conspiratorial realms, like 9/11 truth. We see them everywhere in the alt media, lording their number of followers and subscribers over lesser mortals like the quarterback and the prom queen do in high school hierarchies. I’ve remarked before on how most of them are harder to communicate with than some genuine show business celebrities. For the record, my publicist was able to get ahold of Tucker Carlson’s producer.
  • This is the book they should have been waiting for but there is a block, like they all have blinders on about it.
  • I question it b/c is it b/c I’m not well known enough or what?
  • Stew Peters any of these names – they came out of nowhere. 
  • They are renowned in their own little niche world.
  • Just like Tim Pool – he isn’t entertaining like Alex Jones, I question it all.
  • Alex Jones is successful b/c he is an entertainer. 
  • So how does these guys get the following they have w/o some type of ‘government’ or big left wing money backer?
  • Vlaimir Lenon was excelled he was broke. 
  • How did he get back in?
  • Wilson gave him money and smuggled him back into Russia.
  • This is real history. 
  • People wouldn’t have been at war with each other in their own family like they are over support for Trump.
  • You take fantastic technology that should help us be closer, and communicate better but that is not the case.
  • If I didn’t have this internet I wouldn’t hear from most of these people that love and support me. 
  • Social Media – 
  • Masking the Truth Barnes and Noble just took the book off the shelves and no reason why sent to us.

Written by: Justin Redman