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Wednesday-Trump Trolls Demoncrats With Claims He Knows The Identity Of Anonymous

today02/19/2020 9

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    Wednesday-Trump Trolls Demoncrats With Claims He Knows The Identity Of Anonymous LoneRhody

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  AUDIO: President Trump – “I know who anonymous is.” 

HEADLINE: Trump Claims He Knows Who Anonymous Is by Josh Feldman



Joy Pullmann – 

“Once the whole truth has finally come out, Congress needs to be thinking about how they are going to make sure this never happens again. They will not do that by making the Department of Justice even less accountable to elected officials, as Democrats are demanding. They will do it by slashing and burning the bureaucracy and its powers. Government by and for the people will perish from the earth if unelected officials are capable of weaponizing government against the people’s elected representatives. That’s what a banana republic really is. And we don’t want one here.”

  Jennifer Rubin – the ‘Conservative’ that writes at the Washington Post 

AUDIO: Bernie Sanders in Nevada talking about getting the youth out to vote.

  • Joe Biden is done, he is toast.


HEADLINE: Gays Who Hate Pete Buttigieg by Rod Dreher

  • Why is an Eastern Orthodox and and Atheist going to discuss religion?
  • This doesn’t even make common sense.
  • So our hateful lesbian from days of old, Marsha Gessen, deems homosexual Pete not gay enough.
  • AUDIO: Marsha Gessen on the institution of marriage
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 Special Guest Joseph Pearce 

Author of Catholic Literary Giants, Further Up and Further In, Unmasking Oscar Wilde, Wisdom & Innocents and many others. 

  • People should have some political power over their own lives and some say in the government that is ruling over them.
  • This only works at the local level.
  • The farther it gets away from the people, it becomes less and less democratic.
  • When the traditional family breaks down, society will in-fact collapse.
  • Liberalism is in the process of defeating itself.
  • This is the first time I am NOT currently writing a book.
  • Read MORE and Watch LESS
  • Chemical and physical mutilation of children.
  • How can you be sanguine with this level of evil and not have it effect everything else you do?
  • The Devil devours his own.
  • Infanticide – the ProLifers have been effective as now the left has moved to Infanticide. They have been forced into a corner and said to hell w/ trying to go against science with the abortion thing…WE ARE KILLING BABIES.
  • The best part of this is, this is THEIR SCIENCE.
  • They are the ones that call on “science” etc on this.
  • Now scientism has failed them.
  • Science – knowledge of the physical cosmos.
  • Scientific truth, the thing w/ its own DNA is in-fact a BABY.
  • They have to continue to become more and more radical.
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  • Sexual Revolution proves the Catholic Church is correct on chastity.
  • Presidential Pardons – 
  • Unfortunately what is missing in society is “He who is first is last and he who is last is first.” 
  • We have lost all sense of ‘charity’.
  • Augustinian understanding of justice and mercy. 
  • One Nation Under God 
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 Special Guest Brother Andre Marie host of ReConquest

  • Justice is a virtue, it is not an Atheist construct.
  • Justice means multiple things.
  • Justice is sanctifying Grace!
  • Justice is a Cardinal Virtue – 
  • We have become so divorced from natural law that Justice doesn’t mean the same thing.
  • There is a Natural Law – this lie that somehow the spiritual laws are in opposition to natural law is absolutely BACKWARDS!
  • Court Case like Roe vs. Wade – 
  • These contradict natural law so it is NOT law.
  • #LifeRuined
  • God’s providence He works through human history in real concrete ways.
  • The low points bring us to a point where we acknowledge a need for him and we decide we are going to convert.
  • We become sick of starving for Him and we want to return to Our Fathers house.
  • Catholic Illustrated Newspaper – 
  • AUDIO: From Ethics 13 Philosophia Perennis
  • Pflag = Parents of Sodomites
  • Personal Morals – goes into economics
  • That informs the politics. 
  • Sadly we don’t live in a monarchy.
  • When the Apostles were evangelizing, they could evangelize Kings.
  • When the Kings converted generally speaking the subjects would convert.
  • CRUSADER STADIUM: “Divine grace can act on the lack of virtue in absence of parents/monastics but that’s rare.”
  • She is for the benefit of the family she manages the money in a prudent method or way to keep the family functioning. 
  • The society at large – this is a direct result of capitalism, as understood in the highly mercantile way.
  • We drown ourselves in commercials for things “we must have”.
  • Desire and Need
  • Desire isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
  • Lust – isn’t just sexual appetite 
  • Disordered appetite – 
  • Living the Virtuous life is living the Good life. 
  • There is a place in the Catholic life for pleasure. 
  • You should consider downloading the entire Philosophia Perennis course.
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Written by: LoneRhody

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