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12m Earth Day Yesterday

  • The Earth survived us!
  • Yay God!
  • Are we really so foolish to think by driving an EV and installing solar panels on our home, we are doing our part to save the planet?
  • Can we out play the effects of a volcano?
  • Have you seen images of Earth from space?
  • Looks like the same planet as in the photos from our first Earth images does it not?
  George Washington Converting on Death Bed

  • This was at a time when doctors were paid big money to put leaches on people.
  • Bleeding you – they would prop you up and take one of your arms, and they would hang it off the side of the bed and they’d make a small incision and they would put a bowl under it and count how much blood they took out.
  • The theory was we will drain the bad blood and allow your body to replace the blood with new blood. 
  Candace Owens Converts to Catholicism

Candace Owens on X: Recently, I made the decision to go home. There is of course so much more that went into this decision and that I plan to share in the future. But for now, praise be to God for His gentle, but relentless guiding of my heart toward Truth.

HEADLINE: Candace Owens announces she has joined the Catholic Church by LifeSite News 

  • The photos accompanying her announcement were taken inside the Brompton Oratory in London, England, with Provost Fr. Julian Large. 
26m Speaker Mike Johnson 

  • Is there a noticeable change in behavior? 
  • Just from what we have seen, yes there is.
  • From day 1 of him having the gavel to yesterday, there was a MAJOR shift/change in him.
  • So what happened?
  • What happened to him and others like him?
  • They are sent there by you, they believe like you but when they get there, they are given their marching orders. 
  • There doesn’t seem to be any human force that can turn this ship around.
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The Injustice System

  • People across America now are seeing with their own eyes just how messed up our judicial system truly is.
  • It is a CONVICTION system and nothing more.
  • The Case of Charles Merritt – The McStay Family

HEADLINE: Charles Merritt Sentenced to Death for Killing McStay Family, Burying Their Bodies in Mojave Desert by Lauren Lyster and Nerissa Knight

  • The sledgehammer was buried w/ the victims.
  • The father, mother and the two boys are all together in two shallow graves.
  • Joe Kenda aka Homicide Hunter on ID network – he always stated he goes wherever the facts lead him. 
  • He doens’t have a predetermined suspect. 
  • He goes w/ the evidence period.
  • The prosecutors said McStay told friends Merritt was doing shoddy work and pilfering money from him. Prosecutors eventually discovered that about the time the family vanished thousands of dollars in checks allegedly from McStay to Merritt had been written and cashed.
  • I hope I never get close to anything like this b/c they will convict you, no matter what.
  • Once they decide YOU did it, they will get you to plea out so they stop harassing you or they just straight out convict on circumstantial evidence.

HEADLINE: A Truly ‘Impartial Jury’ Is Hard To Come By by Jordan Boyd

  • I was surprised by the number of potential jurors in the pool with me who admitted to the prosecution and defense that they couldn’t be impartial or presume innocence in a sex crime case for various reasons. A few knew or knew of the defendant. Others raised their hand and said they had bad personal experiences with sexual assault or were inclined to “believe all women.”
  • Less than one hour into deliberations, five of the six jurors including myself determined the defendant was not guilty on both counts. After another hour of review and debate, the sixth juror, who admitted to us that his feelings about his wife’s own history with sexual assault were affecting his ability to be objective, agreed the evidence did not prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • Thanks  to the impartiality and presumption of innocence unless or until guilt is proven beyond a reasonable doubt, a legally innocent man in a Texas city walks free.
  • The only thing they had to consider was that Trump may have been in or around that store at the same time as E Jean Carroll.
  • She couldn’t even remember the DAY in which she was raped.
  • There was NO PHYSICAL evidence in that case whatsoever. 
  • Just like Justice Kavanaugh and K Ford.
  • #BelieveAllWomen
  • Scott Peterson – he is on death row right now.

HEADLINE: The Trials of Greg Kelley: A High School Football Phenom Wrongly Convicted of Molesting a 4-Year-Old Boy by Marlow Stern 

  • But Laken Riley’s illegal alien murderer was free to roam about this country.
  • How is that justice?
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Talk Like Shakespeare Day

William Shakespeare April 23, 1564 – April 23, 1616

  • The first reference to Shakespeare in the literary world of London comes in 1592.

HEADLINE: Shakespeare and Science by Joseph Pearce 

  • Pride is putting ourselves first and others last. Love is putting others first and ourselves last. It is in this sense that the first shall be last, and the last first. He who puts himself first shall be last in the kingdom of heaven. He who puts himself last shall be first.
  • Those who read as Shakespeare wrote, seeing the facts in the light of the truth they serve, will be servants of that greater science animated by a love of wisdom (philosophy) and of the greatest of all sciences which leads to a knowledge of God (theology). Those who read reality in this way are never satisfied with the mere facts because they seek the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
1h17m Founding Fathers – They Were Just Citizens Too

  • They are looking at a corrupt establishment and saying, yes, I don’t like it.
  • Why do corrupt people win?
  • They win when you are afraid.
  • They win when your fat, lazy neighbor does NOTHING.
  • You don’t have to be like that neighbor. 
  • Fairfax County Resolves – Written by George Washington and George Mason on July 17, 1774, at Mount Vernon, the Fairfax County Resolves were both a bold statement of fundamental constitutional rights and a revolutionary call for an association of colonies to protest British anti-American actions.
  • You are free to disagree w/ any of the Covington Compact.
  • At least we took the time to meet w/ each other, write this out and attempt to DO something about it.
  • Don’t edit a clause but you can STRIKE a clause out for your signing.
  • The Fairfax Resolves clearly stated the American claims to equal rights under the British constitution: representation in Parliament, control over taxation, control over military forces within their borders, control over judicial powers, control over commercial actions. Moreover, the Fairfax Resolves called for an inter-colonial association to enforce their claims to these rights and to protest British violations of these fundamental rights. The Fairfax Resolves contained the implied threat of further actions to enforce American rights and independence. Washington and Mason boldly called for a “general Congress, for the preservation of our Lives Liberties and Fortunes.”
  • There are 24 Resolves in all.
  • Resolve 21 – Opinion of this meeting that we should break off all trade w/ towns that……. 
  • The 1st Continental Congress had NOT met yet.
  • These are a bunch of cowardly sissy type people. 


AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ Joe Rogan – Nuclear Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki – I love how people on my side the right, have defended dropping nuclear weapons on people. It is wrong to drop nuclear weapons on people, if you think it is okay you are evil. So why would you even want nuclear weapons. How about spending all of your efforts on preventing things like that?
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1h39m Japan – Hiroshima and Nagasaki 

HEADLINE: What Are The “Shadows” Left Behind At Hiroshima? by James Felton

What is a Shadow Person?

  • Kage onna are shadows of women which appear projected onto windows and doors when there is no one around to cast them. They appear late at night when the moon is bright, as the paper sliding doors and windows of traditional Japanese homes are particularly good at catching shadows in the moonlight. 
  • As the atomic bomb unleashed its energy upon Hiroshima, it encountered objects on its path. These objects – human, animal, or inanimate – absorbed this energy, while the bomb’s force went on to bleach the surrounding area.



AUDIO/VIDEO: Ben Shapiro on Tucker Carlson’s View of Hiroshima and NagasakiHad we not dropped those bombs we would have had mass starvation of the Japanese people. Why is Tucker abandoning the moral equations here?

  • One of the conditions included ending the Catholic style Emperor.
  • That is why they were deadlocked Ben!
  • So we nuked them because they would have starved?
  • So you are saying the American humanitarian would have allowed millions of Japanese to starve to death?
  • So this nonsense here that there was going to be an invasion, at least the men of Japan can say they held something in higher regard.
  • The Holy Japanese Emperor!
  • You might want to pull a history book out every now and then Little Ben.
  • The invasion of Okinawa was unnecessary and it was launched on Easter Sunday by the way.
  • You would then find out all of what I just said is correct history.
  • Now why is this coming out now?
  • Because you have neo-cons fantasizing right now about having stealth bombers drop on military targets in Iran so they will stop.
  • Maybe God is sending us the grace to say hey, there are men that are willing to start dropping these nukes again.
  • A nuclear armed United States is a threat to the human race.
  • Why?
  • Because we have Godless men who believe they can make the rules up as they go, just like Little Ben, make up the circumstances where the inhalation of the entire human population might be necessary. 
  • What about nuking a single city in the United States?
  • They have been told Trump will never surrender so lets take out that city!
  • This is what passes for ‘leadership’ in the 21st Century. 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Charlie Kirk w/ Rep Thomas Massie – Speaker Mike Johnson SCIF – He was an imposter all along, I don’t think his family is locked in a basement somewhere. I don’t even think he went in the SCIF and learned something we didn’t know. I got the same briefing. It was a 4 hour meeting. They didn’t give us one example of when spying an American was helpful. Don’t believe his story. 

  • So what did Johnson see or hear in this SCIF that Massie didn’t?
  • They both sat through the same thing.
  • They didn’t give ONE single example of them spy

AUDIO/VIDEO: Charlie Kirk w/ Rep Thomas Massie – Speaker Mike Johnson #SCIFGATE – It was like a brainwashing session. When you go into a SCIF we rely on our smartphone and our staff that we rely on to determine if things we are being told is true or not. If you are deprived of both of those for that long, you start to believe what they are saying just to get out of the SCIF.

  • Doesn’t the SCIF sound like some horrifying ride at Universal Studios?




















Tom Nelson (Producer of Climate: The Movie)

Website Clintel 

Climate: The Movie (The Cold Truth) – documentary 

  • This film exposes the climate alarm as an invented scare without any basis in science. It shows that mainstream studies and official data do not support the claim that we are witnessing an increase in extreme weather events – hurricanes, droughts, heatwaves, wildfires and all the rest. It emphatically counters the claim that current temperatures and levels of atmospheric CO2 are unusually and worryingly high. On the contrary, compared to the last half billion years of earth’s history, both current temperatures and CO2 levels are extremely and unusually low. We are currently in an ice age. It also shows that there is no evidence that changing levels of CO2 (it has changed many times) has ever ‘driven’ climate change in the past.
  • This explores the nature of the consensus behind climate change. It describes the origins of the climate funding bandwagon, and the rise of the trillion-dollar climate industry. It describes the hundreds of thousands of jobs that depend on the climate crisis. It explains the enormous pressure on scientists and others not to question the climate alarm: the withdrawal of funds, rejection by science journals, social ostracism.
  • How do we continue to survive as human beings when we are told each year this is the last one?
  • How can this last this long?
  • The whole narrative is so stupid.
  • People don’t want to eat bugs. 
  • They don’t want to freeze. 
  • We do far better in warmer climates.
  • They think someone has ‘proven’ climate change.
  • After COVID I think people are starting to wisen up to these ‘experts’.
  • Scientist don’t work toward a consensus. 
  • The goal is to learn.
  • If you hear anyone talk about consensus, leave immediately.
  • Think for yourself.
  • Look at the data.
  • We shouldn’t all agree on everything. 
  • We rely on satellites – the GISS satellites – temperature readings.
  • State of Fear – climate book – GREAT book
  • They don’t believe this stuff personally, b/c none of them live like it.
  • They fly around on private jets etc knowing this is ‘going to kill their grandchildren’. 
  • They don’t live like this is a major issue do they?
  • Do you think Al Gore is going to eat bugs?
  • When is the last time Al Gore line dried his clothes and rode a bus?
  • – Where to watch the movie –
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Joe Biden Earth Day Speech in Prince William Forest Park in Triangle, VA – Climate Corps – I am proud to announce Americans can now apply to Climate Corps. We are recruiting over 2,000 people in 36 states. Go to ( to apply you’ll get paid to fight climate change and learn how to install solar panels.
8:33am cst SEGMENT 6


AUDIO/VIDEO: Jen Psaki w/ Governor Gavin Newsom – Disinformation Machine – The disinformation machine, so often illusion rules and facts don’t matter. The weaponization of anger here spewing it 24/7. You have one of the most extraordinary records of any President in our lifetime on manufacturing and industrial policy. We can’t be in denial that they are in that space. 

  1. Having sex outside of marriage.
  2. Getting pregnant.
  3. Destroying the body forming inside her.
  • This is what defines a young woman in America by the left.
  • You can’t be an American girl unless you have the ‘right’ to dismember your offspring.
  • American Girl Song – Tom Petty 
  • Only The Good Die Young
  • What the is the most despicable about all of this, why isn’t what he said simply outrageous to everyone?
  • The use, as is typical from the left, take something evil and despicable and rename it, repeat it and everyone believes it.
  • Reproductive Healthcare – if you are so proud of it, what is the hangup w/ calling it what it is?
  • It is murder. 
  • Abortion is murder.
  • It stops a human from forming and being born.
2h53m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Mike Rogan Show – Intel Agencies Run Congress – Members of Congress are terrified of the intelligence community. They are afraid of getting kiddie porn put on their computers. They are afraid of these agencies. That is not compatible w/ Democracy. Democracy is a really simple system. I think the reason is b/c they are threatened, that is why all of this is happening. 

  • Maybe Alex Jones gets a few things right.
  • The assignation of Kennedy – that is an incredible event.
  • No wonder people are still talking about it.
  • Tucker talks also in this video about getting a call from Mike Pompeo.
  • He told Tucker to stop campaigning for the release of the assassination files.
  • Trump did declassify ‘some’ of the papers.
  • There are lots of redactions still in what he released too.
  • Why still almost 60 years after the incident, we still don’t know exactly what happened?
  • Why don’t we know the complete story of what happened immediately after?
  • Why don’t we have the actual autopsy report?
  • Why was he moved from that hospital where there was a complete, ready willing and competent person to perform the autopsy denied to do so? 
  • We didn’t create this conspiracy, they did.
  • The Union was at an end then!
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