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The Mike Church Show- First The Came For The Cake Baker…FBI Targets Traditional Catholics As Extremists

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HEADLINE: WHISTLEBLOWER DOCS: FBI Cites Southern Poverty Law Center in Report on ‘Radical-Traditionalist Catholic Ideology’ by Tyler O’Neil 

  • Catholic Apologetics International
  • Catholic Family News
  • Christ or Chaos
  • Culture Wars/Fidelity Press
  • The Fatima Crusader
  • In the Spirit of Chartres Committee
  • The Remnant
  • Slaves of the Immaculate Heart of Mary 
  • Tradition in Action
  • Is your organization on the list from 2021?
  • Here is an interactive map at SPLC for you to check out your area – 
  • The SPLC claims it does not brand Christian organizations “hate groups” merely because they oppose same-sex marriage, but many of its accusations boil down to a disagreement on LGBT issues. The SPLC branded the Ruth Institute an “anti-LGBT hate group” in part because its founder, Jennifer Roback Morse, called homosexual activity “intrinsically disordered,” pulling a direct quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • This excerpt is very telling indeed: The SPLC branded the Ruth Institute an “anti-LGBT hate group” in part because its founder, Jennifer Roback Morse, called homosexual activity “intrinsically disordered,” pulling a direct quote from the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • We do not reject the Vatican II council and that is what this document says.
  • We believe it is valid but some are using it to push an alternative agenda.
  • The former FBI agent said that trend, along with this report “shows an ideological bent” that is “pervasive at this point.”
  • How will you know if an FBI agent has infiltrated your TLM society?
  • Can you profile them?
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  HEADLINE: How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline by Seymour Hersh 

  • The New York Times called it a “mystery,” but the United States executed a covert sea operation that was kept secret—until now.
  • SIDE BAR – Jordan Tristan Walker – and Project Veritas – George Web what he discovered and published is that Jordan Tristan Walker was a contractor that carried out work for Pfizer but the work he carried out was done through another contractor that actually did the gain of function research and manipulation. That company is in Denmark not the US.
1h43m Special Guest Michael Hichborn 

Founder of the Lepanto Institute 

Follow the Lepanto Institute on Twitter – @LepantoInt

  • It is really strange that this particular document would be leaked?
  • How many other documents like this have been leaked by the FBI?
  • This is so focused and directed towards Catholics only.
  • Why was this marked unclassified?
  • Tickling the Wire – trying to get the people in your document to do something. You are poking the bear basically.
  • Anything to do w/ the SPLC is a lie, they are tainted with hate.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Mark Houck speaks to CNA live – about how faith got him and his family through such a difficult time and I thank God for thinking my family worthy enough to suffer in this manner. 

  • Lack of faith – 
  • Views on this question also differ by how frequently parents attend religious services. Parents who attend religious services weekly or more often are more than three times as likely as those who attend less often to say it’s important to raise children who will share their religious views (76% vs. 21%).
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Special Guest Kyle Seraphin – 

Follow Kyle on Twitter – @KyleSeraphin

Listen to Kyle’s Podcast –

Recovering FBI agent, Federal Whistleblower, civil liberties enthusiast & 2A amendment defender.

  • The transition under Mueller they don’t recognize the FBI anymore.
  • The post 9/11 types see what the agency has become and they don’t want to be a part of.
  • They have had their sins in years past but it is more and more apparent they aren’t doing the right things.
  • The problems are institutional at this point.
  • It needs a complete reboot.
  • It can only exist in a free America is a complete reset or total breakdown.
  • They wanted me to do a COVID19 test every 72 hours b/c I refused to take the vaccine.
  • My FBI badge – the front is all shiny and pretty but the back is just all worn and tarnished which is a great metaphor. 
  • On the face the FBI is a great American organization but it is rotten and wicked to the core.
  • The Crusade Channel knows and is associated with 5 of those organizations listed on the ‘watch list’.
  • I won’t give away the FBI whistleblower – there were 300 that were Catholic or Christian that refused to take the COVID vaccine.
  • Those 300 are only 1% of the FBI so that tells you a great deal too.
  • Salon and the Atlantic were used – they are both click bait organizations
  • Footnote B – this was written w/ some Catholic knowledge so this is very Catholic, and people are wondering has there been infiltration into these Catholic groups?
  • It was redacted so we wouldn’t expose anyone especially the whistleblower or their FBI organization information.
  • That being said the publisher of the article Tracy Bean she had the same concerns – the fact you and your listeners have the same concerns shows there are forces at work that are conspiring and they seem to be making a stand, I don’t believe in coincidences and it is overwhelming we are seeing a Satanic push toward things like abortion etc. Like saying our current President isn’t Catholic…people are afraid to say.
  • They are either being coopted or they are conspiring against the Catholic laity.
  • Book – Trevor Aaronson – The Terror Factory: Inside the FBI’s Manufactured War on Terrorism.
  • You can’t be the hero w/o a villain and the FBI is fine w/ manufacturing a villain so they can be the savior. 
  • Mark Houck – will be interviewing him on the incident w/ the Planned Parenthood escort.
  • I wish I would be better like Mark Houck but I would have skinned this old man alive and buried him in the gutter.
  • National Security side – violent extremist it isn’t a violent crime per say it is a ‘pre-crime’ so to speak.
  • This had to be signed off by an Intelligence Officer – this went through many people.
  • This is the first of it’s kind if you read and they seem to be very proud of this too.
  • This can create a weakly worded FBI case.
  • This will give them the extra boost to allow them to go investigate people. 
  • Confidential sources etc
  • Outside the radical Muslim and other terrorist extremist groups, I have never seen this with ANY Christian organization.
  • This is worded like they know a Sedevacantism – the Catholics that believe there is no Pope.
  • You are allowed to be an extremists in this country, there is NOTHING illegal about that.
  • We don’t tell people they must convert or get the sword.
  • If this is a valid concern, these radical extremists, that they will act like White Nationalist Catholic Jihadist they won’t find one b/c there is no such thing. 
  • If they are a Jihadist, they aren’t Catholic or Christian.
  • You start by classifying SOME Catholics as fringe which gives the FBI the door to open investigations against ALL Christians.
  • When you consider the FBI doens’t consider itself a policing unit, it is intelligence FIRST w/ law enforcement capability. 
  • They also have the DOJ backing this ideology b/c they are also all in on abortion and abortion rights.
  • The blind Lady Justice doesn’t have a cover over her eyes anymore.
  • She wears a rainbow feather boa and wants you to adhere to her feelings.
  • Simcha Fischer fabricated the entire thing against the Saint Benedict Center in New Hampshire. It never happened but she and her paper ran with it.
  • If you read the article I published on – 
  • QUESTION: Area 51 is it real? 
  • ANSWER: If there was an X-files I would have been on that case, but probably yes.
  • QUESTION: Was there ever any confidential informants on the Simspons?
  • ANSWER: Talk West Unit – The Springfield Mafia of the Simpsons – I was 35 investigating a cartoon instead of real people.
  • QUESTION: Is Whoopi Goldberg a CIA or NFI?
  • ANSWER: Confirmed 
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene to TwitterYou banned Conservatives but you allowed child porn all over Twitter. Elon Musk deleted 44,000 child porn accounts.

AUDIO/VIDEO: AOC asks Twitter executives about Libs of TikTok accountreporting on Boston Children’s Hospital.

  • TKD story about a young female born person that was taking testosterone and had sex w/ a male and it ripped her vagina so badly b/c testosterone thins the lining she had to have emergency surgery.

HEADLINE: I Thought I Was Saving Trans Kids. Now I’m Blowing the Whistle. by Jamie Reed 

  • I am a 42-year-old St. Louis native, a queer woman, and politically to the left of Bernie Sanders. My worldview has deeply shaped my career. I have spent my professional life providing counseling to vulnerable populations: children in foster care, sexual minorities, the poor. 
  HEADLINE: How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline by Seymour Hersh 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on Nord Stream PipelineJoe Biden denied any responsibility, he blamed Russia and now we have the actual answer. It happened. 

  • Salt water corrodes – if you introduce salt water into the pipeline, you can’t get it out.
  • Even if you seal it back up the salt water has already started causing reactions that start the breakdown.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Digital ID Wallet Commercial Let’s look at what I can do. I can remind Lucy of her appointment for her mandatory vaccination.

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