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The Mike Church Show-Here We Go Again: “They’re Gonna Get A Bailout, Aren’t They”?

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Bailout 2.0 Is Underway

Silicon Valley Bank – 

Dodd-Frank Act –  Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection 

QUESTION: Who signed this act?

ANSWER: Barack Obama

  • This came on the heals of the collapse in 2008. 
  • Mortgage Backed Securities – 
  • They were buying what was called SUB-PRIME mortgages.
  • The Big Short – movie about how all this happened.
  • This included Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, more so with Fannie Mae.
  • Your local savings and loan, almost all of them were put out of business by the reform you see.
  • How did all of this happen?
  • When Congress acted…that’s when all this happened.
  • The one thing we have going for us is Nancy Pelosi doens’t have the gavel right now.
  • This isn’t to say McCarthy isn’t going to take a swipe at this.
  • AIG, car companies, bank bailout and they just kept coming.
  • TARP = Troubled Asset Relief Program – is a program of the United States government to purchase toxic assets and equity from financial institutions to strengthen its financial sector that was passed by Congress and signed into law by President George W. Bush. It was a component of the government’s measures in 2009 to address the subprime mortgage crisis.


  • They went to a central digital banking currency.
  • When the people of Nigeria do?
  • They all made a bank run to get their cash out.
  • Nigerian government shut down all the banks and ATM’s.
  • Then there were riots and food shortages.
  • THIS does not fix the problem it makes the currency issues worse.
21m JUST IN: Bank shares plummet up to 71% in pre-market trading despite Biden’s guarantee scheme for SVB and Signature Bank – amid fears of a banking rout mount when stock market opens at 9.30am.

  • It’s gonna’ happen today folks. 
  • The bank runs will happen today.
  The PPE Act – 

$2.2 trillion was the total of this bill.

  • Donald Trump said, we have to help these small businesses b/c the government shut them down, through no fault of their own.


HEADLINE: SVB Doesn’t Deserve a Taxpayer Bailout by Vivek Ramaswamy 

  • Remember in the beginning of COVID and everyone made a run on toilet paper?
  • The banks have enough on hand to do daily transactions but you try and take $15,000 out of your personal account today and see what happens.
  • They don’t keep THAT kind of money on hand.
  • SVB’s situation is different from that of most U.S. banks. Only 11% of its deposits were insured. While the operating accounts of small businesses often exceed the FDIC limit, large banks usually sweep the excess into cash-management programs that buy Treasury bills and other securities. As the nation’s 16th-largest bank, SVB simply chose not to do so. For some reason ROKU, the publicly traded streaming devices, had a $487 million balance with the bank.
  • SVB also had a concentrated client base of tech startups whose needs for capital were highly sensitive to rising interest rates. Yet SVB itself had the highest concentration of any major bank in mortgage-backed securities, also especially sensitive to that risk factor. This is an egregious oversight specific to SVB. Its investment portfolio was 57% of total assets, more than twice its peer average of 24%. 
  • You can’t hardly sell a 1-2 bedroom home anymore.
  • There are some out there that just bank money.
  • All of this PPE and stuff leads us to where we are today.
  • Someone has to eat this financial crap.
  • QUESTION: Who is going to absorb most of this?
  • ANSWER: Middle class America
  • Peter Schiff : ”The reason for the limits on deposit insurance is that larger depositors were supposed to be sophisticated enough to do due diligence when choosing a bank and suffer the consequences if they chose one that took on too much risk. Covering all deposits expands the moral hazard.”
  • Either SVB was incompetent or this is a case of moral hazard, taking excessive risk and expecting political favors and bailouts. It turns ot SVB’s real “hedge” was to curry favor with the Biden administration.
  • In 2022 SVB publicly committed $5 billion in “sustainable finance and carbon neutral operations to support a healthier planet.”
  • So they invested in something that we know is not sustainable.
  • These technologies that don’t work require large cash infusions.
  • QUESTION: Where does all that money actually go?
  JUST IN: The FDIC Has Named Fmr. Fannie Mae CEO Tim Mayopoulos as the New CEO of Silicon Valley Bank. The FDIC – all deposits, assets of SVB are to be transferred to FDIC Bridge Bank.

FDIC sticker – 

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SVB and FDIC Collapse – 

HEADLINE: The Silicon Valley Bank Bailout by Wall Street Journal Board

  • Biden pumped almost $6trillion into the economy in 14 months.
  • It had to go somewhere.
  • This is a de facto bailout of the banking system, even as regulators and Biden officials have been telling us that the economy is great and there was nothing to worry about. The unpleasant truth—which Washington will never admit—is that SVB’s failure is the bill coming due for years of monetary and regulatory mistakes.
  • QUESTION: Who is going to pay all this back?
  • The Wall Street and Fed Casino 
  • You can’t just keep throwing this kind of money at banks, they have no moral compass.
  • This will happen every single time.
1h32m AUDIO/VIDEO: CSDC Trap Explained by Catherine Austin Fitts on Tucker Carlson via Orion Media Center 

Governor Kristi Noem – 

Vetoed HB1193

  • She doens’t get everything right but this she absolutely got correct.
  • You don’t need a digital banking system.
  • It you don’t steal or commit usury you wouldn’t need a banking regulation system.
  • This predates Christ – this is Old Testament stuff here.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Nancy Mace, Silicon Banks on CNNWe cannot keep bailing out private companies b/c there’s no consequences to their actions. It is still very early but at this time I would not support a bailout.

QUESTION: Do the Representatives get to vote on this?

  HEADLINE: Regulators Announce Closure of NY’s Signature Bank, Which Held Significant Crypto Stakes by Melanie Sun 

  • Who are these mythical creatures called ‘investors’?
  • Who is this investor cat and why don’t I ever see one?
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Special Guest George Webb 

Investigative Journalist 

HEADLINE: Everywhere, All At Once, Shuang Sarah Wu And Jordon Walker by George Webb 

  • Co-Stars Of Project Veritas Pfizer Drama Inspire An Academy Award Winner That Sweeps The Oscars.
  • Up until yesterday, no less than fifty million people knew who Jordon Walker of Pfizer was, but almost none knew his boss, Shuang Sarah Wu. Pundits including Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, biotech expect Dr. Robert Malone, Silicon Valley millionaire Steve Kirsch, and New Zealand outlaw and FBI collaborator Kim Dotcom had all praised Project Veritas for “outstanding journalism” exposing Jordon Walker, this “top executive” of Pfizer running worldwide mRNA research. Yet one of these luminaries thought to ask who Jordon Walker’s boss was, Shuang Sarah Wu. Man, did they miss a world of revelation.
  • The person who won the award is Shuang Sarah Wu.
  • Tristan Jordan Walker was an employee of Shuang Sarah Wu.
  • She created 31 LinkedIn profiles, 99 COVID cases, one pandemic story you will never forget.
  • Shuang Sara Wu’s “Lightspeed One” Paper, ushering in mRNA for all future therapeutics.
  • Her name is Lily Lee
  • Robert Malone’s Big Domane Lie That An Artificial Intelligence Program Can Spit Out Vaccines Is A Lie.

HEADLINE: Malone’s Big DOMANE Lie Is Crashing Silicon Valley Speculators Who Believe In Bio-AI. by George Webb 

HEADLINE: The Robert Malone ‘mRNA technology’ based COVID gene injection vaccine has killed thousands, harmed millions, it is time Dr. Robert Malone be called to testify, to answer questions from people like me by Dr Paul Alexander 

  • Operation Midnight Climax was run by the CIA.
  • If this is associated w/ this one it will all unfold.
  • Silicon Valley Bank – 2 different investment arms Boston Private Bank, they had a BioTech investment arm and the other one is Leerink Bank a Boston focused BioTech bank.
  • These people have ties to Silicon Valley Bank and these BioTech companies.
  • In Star Trek – the communicator!
  • AI to monitor all your key indicators. 
  • AI will eventually takeover human doctors too that is what Klaus Schwab wants too.
  • Jeff Bezos’s grandfather was a bad dude too, he ran all the hiring which is probably the most important. 
  • Operation Choke Point 
  • This is the lender of last resorts for BioTech companies – Silicon Valley Bank.
  • Jeff Bezos and Alexa – the internet archive was also invented by the same guy that invented Alexa.
  • Alexa was always a human interface w/ computers.
  • They have been doing AI for human computer interface – which is known as weak AI.

HEADLINE: Trading HALTED in three banks after shares fell as much as much 75% when market opened at 9.30am – moments after Biden said ‘US banking is safe’: Contagion spreads to First Republic Bank, Western Alliance and PacWest by Ross Ibbetson 

  • PayPal merged 
  • Boston Consulting – Mitt Romney started this firm.

HEADLINE: Surveillance Balloons – My Six Year Struggle To Tell The American People About Spy Sats And Spy Balloons by George Webb

  • Nano particles yes but bots no, not yet at least.
  • Perfect place to use a particle release in a place like 2019 World Series game.
  • Book – Adam’s Schiff Worst Nightmare
  • 2017 – incepted Blackberry dropped to you.
3h30m AUDIO/VIDEO: Jacob Chansley interviewed by 60 minutesMy actions were no an attack on this country. I stopped people from stealing & vandalizing that sacred space the Senate.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Dem Rep Katie Porter,  Silicon Banks on MSNBC Interest rates go up & they go down. In late 2020 they grew rapidly w/ deposits and they take our money & invest them & that return generates their profit. They invested in US Treasury & at the time interest rates were very low. You can’t be on them staying low forever. 

I do agree there is some fault there w/ the bank managers.

  • Instead of being prudent with all this money SVB had in assets, it wasn’t like these rising interest rates just started yesterday. 
  • Why didn’t they drop these bonds earlier?
3h35m Special Guest Mike Parrott

Founder of Restoring the Faith Media and host of Parrott Talk

  • The beginning of the end of fractional lending.
  • This was good ole fashioned run on a bank.
  • People are saying this is an isolated incident.
  • Bank in NYC and bank in CA both failed in one day.
  • This bank in California their CEO is Joseph Gentile, he started at Author Anderson, then Enron blew it up then went to Lehman Brothers and then started up Silicon Valley Bank. 
  • Everything this man touches goes bankrupt!
  • But…this guy is an inside guy.
  • He was part of the meltdown of ALL OF THOSE PLACES!
  • They aren’t all retailer banks like Wells Fargo or Chase.
  • The flavor of the day at SVB was lending into Silicon Valley.
  • So they had some very rich, popular people.
  • This is the 2nd largest bank failure in the history of America.
  • We are being told these people at this bank are the smartest people in the world.
  • A Demand Deposit – you don’t need a reason to ask the bank for ALL of your money.
  • Your typical bank has about $75 of your $1,000 in reserve.
  • That is why you can’t just go to your bank and demand your $30,000.
  • Vox, Roku, The Compass Coffee Co, ZipRecruiter and many others had all their money at SVB.
  • Government bails out big banks creating the moral hazard argument. 
  • The tax payers always pick up the bill.
  • The whole thing is rotten to the core.
  • Especially the FDIC.
  • The 1st rule of banksters is you don’t talk about the FDIC. 
  • All of this is going to continue to tighten.
  • They bet against the consensus view of where interest rates are going to go.
  • But they didn’t get PERSONALLY hit against his bet.
  • This is all interrelated. 
  • Hidden tax called inflation which is totally manmade. 
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