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HEADLINE: Google to pause Gemini image generation after AI refuses to show images of White people by Chris Pandolfo

  • When Gemini was asked why showing a picture of a White person was “harmful,” it spits out a bulleted list that, among other things, claimed that focusing on race reduced people to single characteristics and noted that “racial generalizations” have been used historically to “justify oppression and violence against marginalized groups.”

HEADLINE: AI Contracts Woke Mind Virus by Liz Wolfe 

  • Maybe the Founding Fathers were actually black? Yesterday, Google’s artificial intelligence–powered image generator, Gemini, came under rightful fire for being utterly unable to depict historical and hypothetical events without forcing relevant characters to be nonwhite.
  • Basically, chatbots have been trained on vast quantities of text. Users prompt them, via queries, to deliver images and answers as close as possible to what a (super smart) human would give them. And apparently, Gemini engineers somewhere at Google wanted to provide an insurance mechanism for possibly white-favoring or male-favoring bias that exists in the materials the bot has been trained on, and seemingly made the bot…ultra-woke, to the point of hilarious and extreme inaccuracy, as if to correct against existing biases.
  • Xenophobia = is the fear or dislike of anything which is perceived as being foreign or strange. It is an expression which is based on the perception that a conflict exists between an in-group and an out-group and it may manifest itself in suspicion of one group’s activities by members of the other group, a desire to eliminate the presence of the group which is the target of suspicion, and fear of losing a national, ethnic, or racial identity.
  • This is only fear of the ONE group though and that is the white group.
  • Armenia Genocide – 
  • The Turks went in and killed anyone that was an Armenian.
  • They didn’t ask if they were Muslim, they just slaughtered them all.
  • What an irony there is here.
  • They always say Trump is going to round up people and kill them.
  • Who is actually trying to wipe you from the face of the Earth?
  • It isn’t Trump I can tell you that.
  FCC Commission

  • This is why elections are important.
  • Biden’s appointees have come up w/ this document.
  • Each broadcaster has to report on how many minorities they employ.
  • You have to fill out a form and then the FCC is going to publish it.






















HEADLINE: CBS News Seized Files, Computers and Records of Fired Journalist Catherine Herridge by Debra Heine 

  • CBS News has reportedly “seized the files, computers and records” of fired investigative reporter Catherine Herridge, including information on privileged sources.

HEADLINE: CBS faces uproar after seizing investigative journalist’s files by Jonathan Turley 

  • There is trouble brewing at Black Rock, the headquarters of CBS, after the firing of Catherine Herridge, an acclaimed investigative reporter. Many of us were shocked after Herridge was included in layoffs this month, but those concerns have increased after CBS officials took the unusual step of seizing her files, computers and records, including information on privileged sources.
  • SAG-AFTRA = The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists
  • What is a ‘work for hire’ agreement? 
  • You let your employer own the material you produce and they pay you to produce it.
  • So they are paying for your time.
  • We pay Tommy to produce those BURGER reports.
  • I pay Norman to paint me this for the Congress, he gives it to me and I then own the painting.
  • Do I own the paint, the brushes and the sketches he did in preparation? 
  • These files may contain sources who were given confidentiality by Herridge. The company is suggesting that the privilege of confidentiality (and the material) rest ultimately with CBS. As a threshold matter, that cannot be the case with regard to files that were generated during Herridge’s long stint with Fox News. Yet CBS appears to be retaining those files, too.
  • CBS is suggesting that it will allow unnamed individuals to rifle through Herridge’s files to determine what will remain with the network and what will be returned to the reporter. That could fundamentally alter how reporters operate and how willing sources are to trust assurances that they will be protected.
  • For many of us who have worked in the media for decades, this action is nothing short of shocking. Journalists are generally allowed to leave with their files. Under the standard contract, including the one at CBS, journalists agree that they will make files available to the network if needed in future litigation. That presupposes that they will retain control of their files. Such files are crucial for reporters, who use past contacts and work in pursuing new stories with other outlets or who cap their careers with personal memoirs.
  • When sources accept confidentiality assurances, it is an understanding that rests with the reporter. It is a matter of trust that can take a long time to establish on a personal level between a reporter and a source.
  • So let’s dive down into this….
  • She would have that ‘confidential sources’ contact information.
  • The Biden Regime didn’t have that information until now.
  • If she was working w/ an CF or AU that did not wish to be named, he/she has the right to remain anonymous. 
  • The Biden Regime can simply tell CBS to get rid of Herridge and get the source material.
  • Now do you see just why this is so dangerous?
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CBS Story

  • Work For Hire
  • Say you work for a company that makes hand crafted wood furniture.
  • You design a wooden rocking chair, and on the big back part I want an American Eagle.
  • Who owns the artwork that you are using on the chair?
  • The company does. 
  • That is a work for hire. 
  • Flash of Genius movie 2008 – in his spare time, at his house, he created the circuit that would turn your windshield wiper blades on, off, and intermittent. 
  • He worked for Ford at the time he invents this technology. 
  • So the windshield wipers would pause etc not just being ON or OFF.
  • Based on a True Story – Robert Kearns invented the intermittent windshield wiper and spent 12 years suing the big Detroit automakers for stealing his idea. “Flash of Genius” is a true story based on a New Yorker magazine article. 
  • Kearns decides to leave his fate in the hands of the jury, who determine that Ford infringed his patents, but that the infringement was not deliberate. The jury awards him $10.1 million. The closing credits indicate that Kearns later wins an $18.7 million judgement from Chrysler Corporation as well.





AUDIO/VIDEO: Sylvester Stallone aka Rocky BalboaLeaving California for Florida. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Decision 2024 US Senate Debate California – Does nuclear have a role in fighting Climate Change? – ALL Democrats Running Want Immediate Shutdown – It needs to be decommissioned and closed. We need to invest in new technology. We need to move to renewable energy. 

MCS Band – Green Jobs – Where the jobs are making green cars…

HEADLINE: Joe Biden’s EV Mandate “Vision” For America Is In Full Collapse

  • This time it deals with supply chain logistics, with Bloomberg reporting this week that in the year and a half since passing the Inflation Reduction Act, automakers are finding out the hard way that the rigorous criteria for manufacturing batteries using materials from the United States and its free-trade allies could render them cost-inefficient compared to global competitors.
  • This, in turn, will threaten President Biden’s goal to boost the domestic electric vehicle market. Bloomberg writes that mining companies and labor unions insist that without curtailing the influx of cheaper, Chinese-subsidized materials, the U.S. can’t develop a competitive EV market.
  • The demand side of the equation also looks less than favorable. We wrote just hours ago about how Ford was slashing prices on its Mach E and Lightning 150. Tesla has been slashing prices to stoke demand for nearly a year now. 
  • Have you ever seen an EV battery fire?
  • Typically, an EV fire burns at roughly 5,000 degrees Fahrenheit, while a gasoline-powered vehicle on fire burns at 1,500 F (815 C). It takes about 2,000 gallons of water to extinguish a burning gasoline-powered vehicle; putting out an EV fire can take 10 times more. 
  • Firefighters called to extinguish an electric-vehicle fire are discovering the surest approach is to stand back and watch it burn. Electric cars combust differently than their gas-powered counterparts. Firefighters and researchers said EV fires last longer, are harder to put out and have a tendency to reignite.
  • What is going to happen when people try to sell back their EV’s?
  • Will the dealerships take them for trade in?
  • Will the dealerships dispose of your old batteries? 
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From the IRS – you may qualify for a credit up to $7,500 under Internal Revenue Code Section 30D if you buy a new, qualified plug-in EV or fuel cell electric vehicle (FCV). The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 changed the rules for this credit for vehicles purchased from 2023 to 2032.

  • Using anything that is battery powered and you stress it, what happens?
  • The batteries get hot.
  • What happens when the batteries are 4 years old and you stress them?


The Moon Landing

HEADLINE: Private lander makes first US moon landing in more than 50 years by Marcia Dunn

  • Despite the spotty communication, Intuitive Machines, the company that built and managed the craft, confirmed that it had landed upright. But it did not provide additional details, including whether the lander had reached its intended destination near the moon’s south pole. The company ended its live webcast soon after identifying a lone, weak signal from the lander.
  • The moon landing did happen foks.
  • Do you guys remember Skylab?
  • NASA
  • Skylab was the United States’ first space station, launched by NASA, occupied for about 24 weeks between May 1973 and February 1974.
  AUDIO/VIDEO: Nikki Haley on w/ Harris Faulkner – 

Harris – How do you win your first state?

Nikki – It’s amazing to say I haven’t won a state yet. You’ve only had 3 states that have voted.

Harris – It’s not amazing!



AUDIO/VIDEO: Nayib Bukele at CPAC Washington DC on JournalismA democracy needs a free press. But to enjoy that membership you must adhere to your duty as a reporter. Report the facts…your free speech will always be protected, but don’t call yourself a journalist if you’re just an activist. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Nayib Bukele at CPAC Washington DC on Rebuilding His CountryIn less than a decade gangs controlled our every aspect of the daily life there. Murder capitol of the world is a tragic title to hold. We did the unthinkable to cleanse our society. We arrested the terrorists, but we have to remove corrupt judges, and corrupt attorney’s and prosecutors. 

  Zelensky Interview w/ Bret Baier

  • The stage was set, the script was written and it will be recorded as history.
  • Expect it was propaganda. 
  ADUIO/VIDEO: Child Sex Trafficking in Greenville County – 45 people arrested – One wanted to eat a child or human parts, one man took an erectile dysfunction pill before getting there b/c he had been promised a 14 year old girl.

Richard Barrett

  • CPAC was pretty empty this year if you noticed.
  • People don’t care about these ‘feel good’ rallies anymore.
  • They are struggling to buy groceries and pay their bills.
  • These little rallies aren’t helping any of that.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Jack Posobiec at CPACWelcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We didn’t get all the way there on Jan. 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it and replace it with this. (he holds up a rosary)

  • It took 1300 years after Jesus to get the high water mark of Christianity. 
  • You have to do the best you can w/ the situation you have now.
  • We live in a microwave society.
  • We live in a society where you can get food in 2 minutes.
  • The concept or idea of the long play.
  • Every convenient gain is a skill that is lost.
  • When you look at the video of Nancy and Joe Biden walking together you think, how did we get here?
  • This country is a tanker truck or a submarine, 
  • You can’t turn on a dime.
  • When you need to correct course, it doesn’t happen immediately does it?
  • If you don’t have time to contemplate things, it is literally a time thing.












BACK w/ Special Guest Richard Barrett

Steve Bannon and Jack Posobiec – 

  • Don’t ever forget the cover story on the Remnant news story.
  • Chris Fererra wrote that article, don’t forget who made that a reality.
  • It was Steve Bannon!
  • Most of them are just looking for donations to provide their comfy lifestyle.
  • They are all there b/c they know they can get away w/ speaking a certain thing or way.
  • It takes years to build a radio audience. 
  • Rush Limbaugh, it took him years to get his following. 
  • It started in 1989, he doesn’t hit critical mass until we repel Sadaam out of Iraq.
  • He didn’t get to the massive radio stations until 1995.
  • He made it election year 1992.
  • It takes years to build loyalty and the audience.
  • How are these guys like Steve Bannon and Tim Pool getting their celebrity status in a matter of a few years?
  • Once they let you in, things will be asked of you once you are let through if you want to stay there.
  • Kat Williams interview – 
  • In order for you guys to reach Kevin Hart levels you have to wear a dress and make a fool of yourself. 
  • AT&T solar flare vs Cyber Attack
  • Constant updating is required you have to constantly upgrade your phone for new technology.
  • You never had to upgrade your landline.
  • You never had to buy a new phone unless you wanted one.
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