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The Mike Church Show- Membah’: The Dawn Of Christmas Is The Antithesis Of Covid Communism

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  • Governor John Bel Edwards
  • LA Health Department
  • Biden – what does freedom matter
   Guess What Day It Is? – #HumpDay Woot Woot 

AUDIO/VIDEO: GEICO Hump Day Commercial



 Governor John Bel Edwards 

  • Goes against the legislature and says COVID vaccine will be a requirement for public school children.

HEADLINE: Gov. Edwards Rejects House Committee Action on COVID-19 Vaccine, Will Add It to Louisiana’s School Immunization Schedule

“I understand that any issue around COVID-19, especially those that involve our children, can be divisive, I ask that you and your colleagues work with me to get more people in Louisiana vaccinated. It is worth noting that while many of the diseases on the public health immunization schedule were once both rampant and deadly, they are no longer serious risks for school age children in Louisiana. This is true because almost everyone was vaccinated against these diseases, many as a condition for attending elementary school.  One can only imagine where we would be as a state if the same overheated rhetoric from last week’s meeting was applied to Polio or Measles. The development of the COVID-19 vaccines in time to help us put this pandemic behind us also requires us to do everything we can to add COVID-19 to the list of diseases that no longer pose a serious threat,” Gov. Edwards wrote

   HEADLINE: Christmas 1981 Heralded the Collapse of Communism in Poland by Paul Kengor 

  • By December 1981, every man and his sister, brother and mother belonged to the independent, anti-Soviet, pro-Catholic Church trade union. It had become a movement of mass resistance to Soviet Communism.

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   Governor John Bel Edwards – 

  • How do Communist get away with this?
  • Because they truly think they have won on this COVID front.

HEADLINE: Christmas 1981 Heralded the Collapse of Communism in Poland by Paul Kengor

  • We need to be taking pages out of the playbook of the Polish people.
  • They have resisted the EU.
  • They have resisted Communism.
  • It is women armed w/ rosaries.
  • It is men armed w/ rosaries and weapons.
  • We must pray for our fellow Catholics that are trying to stand up against this tyranny! 


 HEADLINE: Won’t somebody think of the rapists? by Brendan O’Neill

  • JK is single handedly pushing back on the LGBTQ agenda.
  • She is telling the children and the TrannyMammies that you cannot change gender.
   HEADLINE: L.A. Schools Host LGBT Club For 4-Year-Olds, Promote ‘Two Spirit’ Sexuality And Child Mutilation by Spencer Lindquist 


HEADLINE: CNN Producer Charged With Luring Underage Girls Into His Home For ‘Sexual’ Training by Jordan Boyd

  • But the left will tell you all this talk about grooming young women by liberal men is a conspiracy theory.

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2h12m AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing

Reporter – What about President’s campaign to forgive or cancel student debt? They feel his isn’t following through on one of his promises.

Jen – If Congress sends him a bill he is happy to sign it, they haven’t sent him a bill.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing 

Reporter – on Biden not doing enough for gun laws/bans

Jen – Joe has done more than any president in history at this point in his presidency to use his executive authority to take action on guns.

AUDIO/VIDEO: WH Press Briefing 

Reporter – on the inflation of all food especially meat

Jen – if you look industry to industry we have seen the ‘greed of meat conglomerates’

THE BEST PART OF ALL OF THESE SOUNDBITES – “the greed of meat conglomerates”

  HEADLINE: Amtrak Suspends COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Employees: Chief Executive by Jack Phillips 

  • Jen Psaki said they are dropping the mandate b/c they have 96% of their employees already vaccinated.


 HEADLINE: How Amazon Crushes Small Business by Alexander Zubatov 

  • “As Amazon has grown, the number of independent businesses has fallen. Between 2007 and 2017, the number of small retailers [under 500 employees] fell by 65,000. About 40 percent of the nation’s small apparel, toy, and sporting goods makers disappeared, along with about one-third of small book publishers.”
  • We can blame Beezos for this b/c he is pretty evil but at the end of the day we only have ourselves to blame.
  • We continue to buy from Amazon.
  • We continue to support them buy streaming their videos or music.
  • Amazon is the most visible representation of the curse and scourge of consumerism. 
  • We don’t make hardly anything, we just consume.
   HEADLINE: The Suicide of YouTube by The Good Citizen 

  • Safety, security, misinformation and hate speech are obvious cover for politically motivated censorship. For YouTube, colluding with legacy media and purging creators made for a very public suicide.
  • They made millions of media people out of stooges.
  • The problem is 70% of them still think they are media people.
  • This is the common parlance of propagandists and liars working for the Corporate-State power structures:
  • Censoring Fake news, Misinformation and Conspiracies
  • Purging Harmful Content and Hate Speech
  • Under the guise of Community Safety and Protection
  • For the integrity of Elections and Democracy





















 Special Guest Brother Andre Marie

Host of ReConquest only heard on The Crusade Channel

Follow Brother Andre on GAB and Twitter – @Brother_Andre

  • Ember Saturday was always the day for Ordinations.
  • Ember days are ancient – 
  • Advent Ember days were on the calendar before Advent was even added.
  • It was also prayers for the 4 seasons.
  • Palm Sunday – celebrated by Baptist as well as Catholics
  • QUESTION: How does anyone every know where Easter is?
  • The difference in the East and the West – they both use the same formula.
  • The night St Therese of Avila died – October 4th before midnight you woke up on October 15th.

HEADLINE: Christian Hope in Contrast by Brother Andre Marie  

Often misunderstood, the theological virtue of hope is not what people often think it to be:

  • It is not optimism as opposed to pessimism.
  • It is not positive thinking as opposed to negative thinking.
  • It is not “glass half full” rather than “glass half empty.”
  • It is not a rosy forecast of future affairs of the Church Militant, the State, or one’s own personal life in this vale of tears.

HEADLINE: URGENT – EXCLUSIVE – “The Roche Christmas Massacre”: CDW Instruction on Traditionis Custodes to be issued next week

HEADLINE: Is a Vatican Plan Under Way to Prohibit Traditional Ordinations?

  • So those two things are the bad news –
  • Let’s not treat the Church as if it is a Democracy.
  • Being a traditionalist doesn’t make you a ‘special interest group’ that needs to be heard.
  • We have Grace and Virtue at our disposal, we need to use them.
  • We can’t think in those models, sometimes the actions will look similar like ‘getting the message out’.
  • People are being troubled in a very unhealthy, unwholesome way.
  • Christian Hope does NOT say things will get better in the Catholic church anytime soon.
  • That is NOT what hope is.
  • Industrialism – 
  • True North Property – 


  • Calculating prevailing winds –
  • Water wheels – having to get tons of permits etc
  • If you put swales in it keeps the water on the property and it gets absorbed into the ground.

Episode 307 of ReConquest – ‘Hudge, Gudge, and Dr Fauci by Brother Andre Marie

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