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The Mike Church Show-Muricah Is Crashing: Trains Derail, Cars Explodes And Gas Stoves Are Banned

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  Build Back Better 

Infrastructure on bridges – Calcasieu Bridge is on that list, same bridge we talked about yesterday.

46m HEADLINE: ‘What is Going on?’: Two More Trains Derail in Texas and South Carolina on Monday by Debra Heine

On top of the train that derailed in Ohio – two more trains in Texas and South Carolina went off the rails on Monday, adding to the more than a dozen train wrecks reported in the U.S. since the year began. 

  • According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 54,539 train derailments have occurred in the U.S. from 1990 to 2021.

HEADLINE: REPORT: 30 Million People May be in Danger by East Palestine Disaster by Collin Rugg

  • Where is Greta? Where is Al Gore? Where is Bill Gates?
  • They know there is an actual environmental catastrophe so they are staying as far away from Ohio as possible. 
  • 10% of the U.S. population, over 30 MILLION PEOPLE, live in the Ohio River Basin!
  • The Ohio River itself provides drinking water to over 5 MILLION PEOPLE!
  • They actually dug a trench, used the flow of gravity, drained the remainder from the train cars and they set that on fire intentionally.

JUST IN THE EPA releases manifest summarizing deadly chemicals that were released in East Palestine, Ohio:

  • – Three cars of Diethylene Glycol
  • – One car of Polypropyl Gylcol
  • – One car of Propylene Glycol
  • – Two cars of Polyethylene
  • – Two cars of Polyvinyl
  • – Five cars of Petroleum
  UFO and the XFiles
  JUST IN – Moldova is closing its airspace “for security reasons” until 16:00 local time — NOTAM
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   Gretchen Whitmer

  • Is making her rounds on TV this morning discussing the shooting at the Michigan State University that happened last night.
  • She is out there pleading about the innocent lives lost but she is a BIG abortion advocate. 
  • Cry me a river sweetheart.
  • The shooting and loss of life is tragic but I don’t believe she honestly cares about life.


HEADLINE: Palestine, Ohio train wreck: It’s the dioxin by Eric F Coppolino 

  • This mess of 14 tanker cars (really, many more, but 14 had vinyl chloride) was then set on fire by the government, apparently to make it easier to clear the railroad tracks. This was the worst possible decision. It has turned many, many miles into no-man’s land. 
  • This is not a local issue. This massive plume will spread far and wide, and is being blown by the prevailing winds across Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York State, toward the population centers of the northeastern U.S. 
  • Many PCBs are close enough to dioxins to qualify as such; and PCBs degrade into dibenzofurans (also called furans), which are dioxins with one molecule of oxygen instead of two. Dioxins are never made intentionally; similar toxins are, but dioxin per se is a byproduct of other chemical processes, or a degradation byproduct. 
  • Let’s compare it to one single aspirin tablet. One aspirin tablet weighs 5 grains (or 325 milligrams, or 325 trillion femtograms), so to express one “safe” lifetime dose of 2,3,7,8-TCDD, you would take a single aspirin tablet and divide it into 32 million (actually 32,172,218) miniscule pieces. Then one of those tiny pieces would represent one “safe” lifetime dose of 2,3,7,8-TCDD.
2h04m AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson on trail derailmentNo one’s paying any attention and no one really seems to care, b/c what does that have to do w/ environmental racism and climate?
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Karine Jean-PierreI wanted to address this from the WH, there is no indications that there are aliens w/ these recent takedowns.

AUIDO/VIDEO: John Kirby at WH BriefingI don’t think the American people need to worry about aliens w/ respect to these craft, period.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Pete Buttigieg National Assoc of Counties ConferenceCouldn’t find time to mention Ohio but did speak on there being too many white people in construction.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Damar Hamlin asked what reason did doctors give for his heart stoppingUmm, that’s something I want to stay away from.

  • CTE = Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy 
  • That whole interview is strange. 
  • He says ‘that’s something I want to stay away from?

AUDIO/VIDEO: News Report from KDKA channel 2 in OhioHundreds of dead fish found belly pu in East Palestine OH.

  • To know that this explosion/fire was intentional and to know what they intentionally put into the air, this is a kill event.


HEADLINE: Column: Ban on gas stoves just the beginning by Rep Dan Newhouse

  • You can actually convert your car to run on natural gas.
  • It burns clean so it is safe and it is abundant.
  • So why the rush to ban gas stoves?
  • There is no substitute for cooking with gas.
  • This is a scam to force you to buy a electric stove.
  • So who benefits from this?
  • Energy companies.
  • The government will instead regulate them out of existence, force manufacturers into taking gas-powered stoves or other appliances off their product lines, and prevent gas companies from running lines into new construction. 
  • Pacific Northwest National Lab estimated this requirement would add nearly $6,000 on average to the cost of new construction, a cost that will only be passed on to families and small business owners who are already struggling with high energy costs.
  • They don’t care if Little Johnny has asthma – this is what they are claiming.
  • They are doing this b/c it is big revenue.
  Caller C. Cash 

Palestine OH train derailment – 

  • What was on fire that you see in the images was a lot of oil.
  • We were called to remove all the liquids and other things that didn’t get burned off.
  • The white stuff on the cars you are seeing is glycol. 
  HEADLINE: A Shocking 30% Of High School Girls ‘Seriously Considered’ Suicide Last Year via ZeroHedge

  • The number was 19% in 2011.
  • So what happened during this time to produce such an increase?
3h42m HEADLINE: Choosing Southernness, Choosing My Father’s Way by Mark Malvasi 

Mike Parrott host of ParottTalk on the Crusade Channel

The Rundown on his own media RTF

AUDIO/VIDEO: The Foggy Dew – Ireland’s Favourite Folk Song 

  • Pornography is not a culture.
  • We don’t have communities in the United States.
  • Natchez Mississippi is a true community – that would probably be the only part of America that is a great little Southern plantation farm homes w/ porches.
  • A Rite of Passage – the transition from childhood to womanhood.
  • We need that for boys too.
  • Catholics know how to make that transition we have the tools.
  • Etiquette Classes – 
  • 5 course meal, teaching you about which utensils to use how you serve from the left and pick up from the right. How you never pre-bus your own table for the server.
  • Barbershop Quartet – 3 Doctors and a Mike – we sing Sea Shanties 
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Written by: Justin Redman