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The Mike Church Show-The Biden Inquiry Is Not A Shampeachment, It’s A Mercy

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  Meatball Looting in Philadelphia 

  • She live streamed herself looting a liquor store, an Apple store and a Foot Locker.
  • She was arrested while still filming.
  • She was booked and immediately released.
  • She has 196,000 followers.
  • How do you reconcile following someone named Meatball?
  • She has set up a Go Fund Me account b/c she needs money for an attorney and as she put it ‘needs to treat herself’. 
46m Border and Illegal Immigration 

  • They are all wearing some sort of casual designer clothes.
  • They all have backpacks, they are all smiling and just having a grand ole time.
  • They don’t look like they are desperately fleeing for their lives.
  • So what is actually going on here?
  • It doesn’t look like they packed for a short trip either.
  • Why is this happening and why is being allowed to happen?
57m HEADLINE: Filth warning! KENNEDY watches HBO’s new porno dating show so you don’t have to… and strips bare the sicko truth of Naked Attraction’s carnal carnival of lurid full frontals by Lisa Kennedy Montgomery 

  • Do you remember the old Dating Game Show?
  • The first real win for TV networks sexual revolution. 
  • Naked Attraction has put that show on steroids. 
  • Like the fat kid in a candy store, the contestant stands (at this point clothed themselves) wide-eyed before an array of colorful pods which open incrementally to reveal six figures – all totally starkers, in various sizes and states of shavery.
  • First, screens rise to waist level, providing full exposure. Next it’s chesticles and pecs. Before finally we’re allowed to see that largely irrelevant part of the human anatomy: You know – the face.
  • When we’re down to the final two, our vapid voyeur also strips off, before picking a mate, awkwardly hugging (backs arched sharply to avoid any crotch-on-crotch collisions), then heading off for a date – which is, inexplicably, fully clothed.
  • So women have now taken on the role of horny men.
  • Women are now objectifying men.
  • Wow, great job feminist. 
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1h29m AUDIO/VIDEO: Biden Impeachment Hearing – 

Rep Jasmine Crockett (D-TX)The only thing Biden has been guilty of is loving his child unconditionally. I hope and pray that my parents love me half as much as he loves his child.

  • What they are doing in the Impeachment hearing is an act of mercy for Joe Biden.
  • The man is old, he is obviously impaired and he needs to be put out to finish his days on a porch somewhere. 
  • It is true that this rut hasn’t completely made its way to the burbs.
  • Contemplating God is where you find true joy.
1h45m HEADLINE: A history of government shutdowns: The 14 times funding has lapsed since 1980 by Melissa Quinn 

  • A government shutdown occurs when Congress fails to approve funding for federal agencies. Before 1980, agencies largely continued operating during a lapse in funding with the assumption that Congress would act quickly. But in 1980 and 1981, then-Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti authored a series of legal opinions that found government agencies didn’t have the authority to continue running during a gap in funding. 
  • President Ronald Reagan oversaw eight shutdowns during his time in office, the longest of which lasted three days. There were three funding gaps between 1990 and 1995, then none until 2013.
  • The threat of a government shutdown has become more frequent over the past decade, as Congress has found itself engaged in funding fights that are ultimately resolved with massive, year-long spending packages. The most recent lapse in government funding, in late 2018, caused $3 billion in permanent losses, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Hundreds of thousands of federal workers are expected to feel the impacts of a shutdown if a deal isn’t reached this time around.
  • December 21, 2018 – Under Donald Trump it lasted for 34 days. 
  • I want them to shut this down and shut it down for MONTHS!
  • I want these Federal bastards to feel like every small business owners feel every month. 
  • Will they still find money for Ukraine? 
  • There is a riot brewing against Kevin MCarthy.
  • Matt Gaetz is leading the charge and if Kevin isn’t careful, he will have to side w/ Democrats and he will lose the gavel. 

Dianne Feinstein has passed away at the age of 90.

QUESTION: Who appoints her successor? 

ANSWER: Gavin Newsom

  • Will he appoint himself?
  • It puts him next to the headquarters of the DNC.
  • It puts him in striking distance to the White House and Joe Biden.


AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz on House Floor Reducing USAIDToday I’m introducing an amendment to reduce USAID’s federal funding by $4.5 billion dollars. If we spent less money overall we’d see economic growth here. Today they promote abortion globally and the push a national gender strategy. 

AUDIO/VIDEO: Rep Matt Gaetz on House Floor responding to Rep Barbara LeeThis makes a $4.5 billion cut, $3.5 billion of that stops us from retiring global debt for Ukraine. The US should not deficit spend to retire the debt of OTHER countries. I don’t think that is too much to ask. 

  AUDIO/VIDEO: Mel Gibson on Armenian GenocideI implore people to help and give in a humanitarian way the people of Armenia that are once again facing a genocide with Azerbaijan. 
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  BEE GEES Small Music Medley 
  BREAKING NEWS – Georgia Senate – Indefinite Caucus Suspension of Senator  Colton Moore 

HEADLINE: Georgia Republicans suspend state senator who wants to impeach DA for indicting Trump by Jeff Amy 

  • Moore will still be a member of the Senate and will still be a Republican, but may find it hard to pass legislation without support of the majority caucus. But he already often functioned like a party of one in the body, voting against measures that all other Republicans or all other senators supported.
  • Moore launched a petition for lawmakers to call themselves into special session, requiring signatures by three-fifths of both houses. That would require some Democratic support because Republicans have a less than 60% majority in each chamber. And the Senate would have required a two-thirds vote to remove Willis after the House impeached her. Moore never got close to persuading fellow Republicans, much less Democrats, winning the signatures of one Republican House member and one other Republican senator.
2h47m Gavin Newsom 

  • He has the power to appoint someone to Senator Feinstein’s chair. 
  • Can I also say to you that if you live in California, this is a grand opportunity to bust that state up into the pieces it should be broken up into. 
  • The 17th Amendment doesn’t say that Newsom can’t appoint Big Mike but I don’t think he will.
  • If Big Mike claims she lives in Massachusetts. 
  • Big Mike could identify as a citizen of California and no one could say anything about it right?
3h14m TKD reads from – 

Human Resource Directors – no such creature existed.

  • They took the power away from the men that owned the companies and seized control of how employees were to be treated. 
  • What was Pat Buchanan?
  • He was an answer to what?
  • FAKE community.
  • The managerial company – why did they all go along w/ the COVID shutdowns?
  • They didn’t even give it a second thought.
  • Carhart – they were forced vaccination for their employees, they are all PRIDE loving and much more.
  • Cracker Barrel is in the same boat!
  • No one that gets large will survive the managerial elite way.
3h25m HEADLINE: From Household to Nation by Samuel Francis

  • But it would be a serious error to squeeze Buchanan into an orthodox conservative pigeonhole from which he is merely trying to lead a replay of the Goldwater campaign, the candidacies of John Ashbrook or Phil Crane, or the Reagan movement, and especially in the last year he has expressed and developed ideas with which most adherents of the conventional American right—mainstream conservative, paleoconservative, or libertarian—are not comfortable. But conventional conservative doctrines today are virtually extinct politically, for the simple reason that the social groups that found them expressive of their interests and values no longer exist or no longer are able to command a significant political following, and as a result, conservative ideological candidates like Alan Keyes or Robert Dornan who insist on campaigning on those doctrines rise no higher than two to three percent in the polls. 
  • What is important about these forces is not that a campaign centered on them does not now win major elections (indeed, it would be a fatal error if they succeeded in winning prematurely) but that the Buchanan campaign for the first time in recent history offers them an organized mode of expression that will allow them to develop and mature their consciousness and their power.
  • Simply put, Trump is the Pat Buchanan of our times.
  • The significant polarization within American society is between the elites, increasingly unified as a ruling class that relies on the national state as its principal instrument of power, and Middle America itself, which lacks the technocratic and managerial skills that yield control of the machinery of power. Other polarities and conflicts within American society—between religious and secular, white and black, national and global, worker and management—are beginning to fit into this larger polarity of Middle American and Ruling Class. The Ruling Class uses and is used by secularist, globalist, anti-white, and anti-Western forces for its and their advantage.
  • We led the charge to the bottom of the toilet bowl.
  • Return back from wince we came!
  • Remember when we used to just argue about the minimum wage in states?
  • Now we are arguing about chopping children genitals off.
  • Where does middle America go?

Farmer Brian K from Texas

  • Christ is the answer, you follow him, live your state in life and figure out what He wants you to do.
  • When I hear Trump he reminds me of Pat Buchanan. 
  • Donald Trump is not uncomfortable around welders, or plumbers or the average waitress.
  • He is comfortable w/ middle America.
  • He talks their language, he is a likable guy.
  Back to Samuel Francis 

  • (INSERT TRUMP) loyalty to the GOP is touching, especially since almost no Republican leader or conservative pundit has much good to say about him, and the loudest mouths for the “Big Tent” are always the first to try to push him out of it. Even today, many Republicans try to blame the 1992 defeat of George Bush’s inept and lackluster bid for reelection on Buchanan’s now-famous speech at the Houston convention, a speech that was the only memorable event of the whole proceeding and which Buchanan himself continues to defend and even to distribute as literature for his present campaign. But, touching or not, Buchanan’s refusal to break even more definitely with a conventional conservative identity and with a Republican Party whose leadership fears and despises him, his beliefs, and his followers is a serious error. I recall in late 1991, in the aftermath of a wall-to-wall gathering at his home to discuss his coming campaign, I told him privately that he would be better off without all the hangers-on, direct-mail artists, fund-raising whiz kids, marketing and PR czars, and the rest of the crew that today constitutes the backbone of all that remains of the famous “Conservative Movement” and who never fail to show up on the campaign doorstep to guzzle someone else’s liquor and pocket other people’s money. “These people are defunct,” I told him. “You don’t need them, and you’re better off without them. Go to New Hampshire and call yourself a patriot, a nationalist, an America Firster, but don’t even use the word ‘conservative.’ It doesn’t mean anything any more.” 
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