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The Mike Church Show-The Cabal’s CoronaDoom Politicians Are Auditioning To Play Hitler

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    The Mike Church Show-The Cabal’s CoronaDoom Politicians Are Auditioning To Play Hitler LoneRhody

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  • Kyle Rittenhouse Trial
  • Steve Bannon in trouble with the FBI
  • BLM plans on rioting in Kenosha…again




 HEADLINE: EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse prosecutors HELD BACK high-def drone footage of Kenosha shootings from defense and gave them low quality video  – sparking them to file mistrial motion that could see teen walk free by Laura Collins 

  • This was drone video.
  • The prosecution provided the defense team w/ 580×440 video, very low resolution.
  • When you blow it up on bigger screens you lose detail.
  • So in essence the defense team had a crappy resolution video.
  • QUESTION: Where does the ‘state’ get their authority from?
  • ANSWER: The people
  • Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger is using the state as a weapon to assault its own taxpayers. 
  • He isn’t done with Kyle, he is coming after ALL gun owners in Wisconsin. 
   HEADLINE: California town declares itself a ‘constitutional republic’ to buck Covid rules by Dani Anguiano 

  • Governors and Attorney Generals only have the power given to them by the people of that state, not the other way around.
  • We must leave the union just like this little town has decided to do in California.
  • They don’t want anything to do with Gavin Newsom or his COVID mandates.
40m HEADLINE: Defense Secretary Has Authority to Order Mandatory COVID-19 Shots by Jim Garamone 

QUESTION: What was the Dick Act or Militia Act of 1903 also known as the Efficiency in Militia Act of 1903?

ANSWER: It was legislation enacted by the United States Congress to create an early National Guard and which codified the circumstances under which the Guard could be federalized. It also provided federal funds to pay for equipment and training, including annual summer encampments.

  • Remember when Greg Abbott pulled his Texas National Guard back from DC?
  • Is there an argument for this?
  • Article 1 Section 8 – 
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   HEADLINE: URGENT: Pfizer failed to report six deaths of Covid vaccine recipients when it updated its clinical trial results in July by Alex Berenson

HEADLINE: More people died in the key clinical trial for Pfizer’s Covid vaccine than the company publicly reported by Alex Berenson




 HEADLINE: 8 Dead, Dozens Infected With COVID-19 Due to Outbreak at Connecticut Nursing Home by Angela Fortuna 

  • Eight residents have died, and 67 residents and 22 staff members caught COVID-19 sometime in the past month and a half. Nursing home officials said 48 residents and 21 staff members have recovered from the virus.
  • Of the 89 total infections, 87 people were fully vaccinated, the nursing home said.
  • Fully vaccinated as you know NOW means two vaccine shots and at least 1 booster.
  • What happened to the vaccine is 95% effective? 
  HEADLINE: Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna making $1,000 profit every second: analysis by Medical Express  

  • Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna are making combined profits of $65,000 every minute from their highly successful COVID-19 vaccines while the world’s poorest countries remain largely unvaccinated, according to a new analysis. 
  • The Alliance estimates that the trio will make pre-tax profits of $34 billion this year between them, which works out to over $1,000 a second, $65,000 a minute or $93.5 million a day.




HEADLINE: Austrian Police Patrol Shops, Highways Hunting For The Unvaxx’d by Paul Joseph Watson 

  • Those caught outside without proof of vaccination face fines of up to $1,660.
  • Last week, Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg said the lockdown was designed to make the unvaccinated “suffer” as everyone else had done during earlier lockdowns.
  • These people are forcing the use of a shot that is still experimental according the the FDA’s own records.
  • The approved vaccine has NOT been manufactured yet!
  • We also know these shot do in-fact have aborted tissue in them.
  Biden’s Build Back Better – 



HEADLINE: FBI Tracks Threats Against Teachers, School-Board Members by Sadie Gurman and Aruna Viswanatha 

  • Republicans have said the Justice Department is treating parents like “domestic terrorists” by involving its National Security Division in Mr. Garland’s initiative, a charge the attorney general has repeatedly denied, noting that his directive doesn’t use that term. The agent expressed concern to lawmakers that the use of counterterrorism resources to track such investigations could potentially blur that line.

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   HEADLINE: OSHA Suspends Implementation and Enforcement of Vaccine Mandate Pending Litigation by Michael Taylor, Amelia Esber and Adam Roseman
2h16m   AUDIO/VIDEO: Tucker Carlson w/ black truck driver (Carl from the SouthSide)‘We need to get over this imaginary thought of’s only good and evil, right and wrong.’


















Host of the ReConquest show heard only on the Crusade Channel

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HEADLINE: A Letter to Employers on the Ethics of the COVID-19 Jabs by Brother Andre Marie

HEADLINE: The Abortion Ties of the COVID Vaccines: A Deal-Killer or No Big Deal? by John Zmirak 

Discusses life on the farm moving the pigs around the Saint Benedict Center.

HEADLINE: America, Immigration, and the Catholic Church by Chilton William

  • Loving = Pia 
  • It often means kindness but to the Romans it was religious duty you showed to the Gods and your parents.
  • The movie Gladiator – the small carved statues of his parents and he burned incense.
  • That is what he was doing rendering homage to this patrons.
  • Healthy respect for the democracy of the dead.
  • Impietas – impiety at it’s most iconic = tearing down the states of Confederates 

HEADLINE: We Can’t Wait for Universities to Fix Themselves. So We’re Starting a New One. by Dr. Kanelos 

HEADLINE: “The Piety of Thought:” A Response to Dr. Kanelos by Dr. Glenn Arbery

“The Piety of Thought:” A Response to Dr. Kanelos

  • Pietas for Romans included something higher or greater than themselves. 
  • Something passed down from their elders.
  • Piety leads to gratitude.
  • When we become creators we become diabolical.
  • The devil cannot create he can only destroy.
  • Tolkien orcs are not a creation of the dark lord he took elves and ruined them.
  • Only God can create!
  • The Midas touch – you can turn things to gold right but what else?
  • He ended up killing, turning his daughter into gold.
  • This is what we do when we put ourselves before God.
  • If you look back at the high middle ages – it was a time in history w/ some of the most rapid technological development.
  • Today we worship ways and means – they are more important to us than purpose.
  • When they are before purpose you are creating gadgets that are created for NO PURPOSE.
  • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

HEADLINE: Exploring Nature to Find God by Brother Andre Marie

ReConquest Episode 303 TONIGHT – The Metaverse versus the Universal Church 

  • There is a lot of issues w/ Mark Zuckerberg and his introduction of Meta.
  • The danger here is combining AI and VI and augmented reality w/ the internet as we have it, they are creating a parallel reality.
  • Selling your private data like they have been doing all along while telling you they weren’t.
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Written by: LoneRhody

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