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The Mike Church Show-The CoronaDoom Demonocracy Got Their Creds By Bungling Autism & Demonizing Parents

today10/28/2021 30

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HEADLINE: I Have Been Through This Before by Ann Bauer

  • Don’t wear a mask; you must wear a mask. Buy a pulse oximeter. Stock up on Tylenol, vitamin D, Pepcid. Whisper so you don’t spit. Stand six feet from others—no, 10. Wear gloves. Wear two masks! Open the windows. Close the schools. The dizzying madness of COVID, and the reliance on gurulike experts, has been eerily familiar. 
  • Do you all understand where we are right now?
  • But by that point, almost 50 years of damage had been done, during which any clinician who came up with a different diagnosis or questioned Bettelheim’s practices suffered immediate and devastating professional consequences. “In the Orthogenic School,” psychiatrist Richard Kaufman told the Chicago Tribune. “Bettelheim’s mind supplanted your own.”
  • If you challenged this FAKE narrative they took away your credentials.
  • So this is probably why doctors and nurses aren’t speaking up now w/ COVID.
  • There is precedent here.
  • QUESTION: Who granted him this power? 
  • Today you can mask your 3 1/2 year old but then these parents were BLAMED for their children having Autism.
  • QUESTION: How do you treat Autistic children? Now you drug them. 
  • QUESTION: Why can’t we do anything else for them?
  • They even came up with a new illness, ADHD!
  • QUESTION: What do they do to those children?
  • ANSWER: Prescribe them Ritalin 
  • The government has been doping up our children and experimenting on them for years. 
  • This is nothing new at all, just a different illness. 

Written by: Justin Redman

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